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    Horde [h] <stormbringers> caelestrasz/nagrand 12/12H recruiting healers and ranged dps

    The Storm is brewing!
    Stormbringers is a semi hardcore raiding guild with a solid group of core raiders.
    We are an active guild smashing out mythic keys and raiding twice a week.
    AOTC with a scope for mythic prog
    Must have a sense of humour
    Pushing M+ for that glorious IO score
    General shenanigans
    Raiding not for you? That’s ok – there is a spot for you too! WQs, dungeons, leveling & farming is always more fun in groups!
    Raid times: Wed/Thu 7.30-9.30pm ST
    Server: Caelestrasz/Nagrand

    More information? Shoot one of us a message on Bnet, we’d love to hear from you.

    and check out our website guildsofwow.com/stormbringers
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