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    I would bet money that within a week of this going live they make the vessels stackable, if they don't include that in another note before it goes live.
    They did it with the critter-brainwashing crystals but not with the hidden treasure finding stones so I'd say it's a coin toss.
    "Remember, never look over the long term story and try to piece together what Blizzard planned, only take singular moments out of context and blow them way out of proportion. We can argue better that way. Every time I try to look at the story as Blizzard are presenting it I'm either called a shill or a fanfiction writer." Powerogue 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    How is it acting stupid when playing alts could be a major reason to have fun in wow? I played 6 characters in wotlk in ICC patch and raided on all of them. And I enjoyed the game. I played multiple alts on last patch of MOP, WOD and Legion too. So a playstyle that was valid for 10 years is now nerfed and people are "stupid" just because they want to continue doing what they always did in a cycle of an expansion, namely enjoying alts on the last patch of each xpac? Why is your playstyle more valid than everyone else's? Nobody "needs" to do anything in this game but we'd like to do it because it's fun, however the design prevents us from it. And when people can't have fun, they tend to quit.
    Where did I ever state that my playstyle is more valid than yours ? Stop making stuff up.

    You can still play your alts, I do too mate, and have been ever since I started playing. I am not calling you "stupid" because you want to play alts but because you want certain content nerfed because it "takes too long" on multiple characters. You obviously don't have enough time to play those characters my friend, and because you don't, you want the "grind" to be nerfed.

    Are you not seeing the dumbness in this ? It's like protesting "Oh I don't work enough hours to have enough money to buy X, they have to make X cost less!!!".

    The solution to your "problem" is simple, you either have to put in more time to be able to play those alts, or you have to play fewer alts. Simple as that.
    The things you would like to do do not approve of you wanting to change the game to suite to your needs. Hell, I would like a long boi, I've been collecting mounts since WotLK but sadly I don't have enough time to farm 5mil gold. Am I supposed to go and make a post now screaming :"stoopid blizzard reduce the cost because I can't play enough to get enough money to buy it, nerf nerf nerf!!" ?.

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