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    As long as the trash populous of Alliance log into the game World PvP will be trash. Alliance are garbage people in-game and garbage people out of game. In the 10 years that I’ve played WoW I’ve never once met anyone who plays Alliance that wasn’t trash. Just go to BlizzCon and you can get a good first hand view of what trash these people are out of game. Hell, look at Asmon that dude typifies what garbage people they are in and out of game. The game would vastly improve if they all just died and stopped logging in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    What reward do you imagine there was for playing on a pvp server before war mode?
    ...even then half the pvp servers became so one sided they were BARELY a pvp server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysterymask View Post
    ...even then half the pvp servers became so one sided they were BARELY a pvp server
    That is what people want though. Even now both groups join the shard they dominate. I would dare say world pvp was never that popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveZaer View Post
    Having a PvE buff for PvP activity just incentivizes people turning on the buff with no intention of engaging in WPvP.

    Without any PvE benefit, they could use PvP rewards to encourage PvP similar to WPvP Mercenary Mode. This includes, but isn't limited to, better Call to Arms quests and rewards in general that encourage WPvP (such as a repeatable call to arms quest).
    i agree they could but my question still stands and that is, how many alliance players would actually use warmode if there was no ap ect bonus?

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    I'm amazed that this thread got to four pages of people simply bickering what to do with the buff. The buff is not the problem, the warmode, or world pvp specifically, is the problem. It's the same system as 15 years ago, but neither the game nor the players are the same anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    As far as i remember people just joined pvp servers because their friends were on it.
    Also a lot of the servers for the past 10+ years were lopsided and housed a lot of the best PvE guilds

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