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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    New difficulty is not new content.
    Well, technically it is, especially if bosses get new skills/phases. But, granted, there are many people who don't bother with raiding beyond LFR, or just don't raid at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Danuser
    we created a story structure for Sylvanas that, on the surface, echoed many broad strokes of the road Garrosh took (...). These parallels were intentional. But it's within the nuance that we sought to show the story grow and change.
    Quote Originally Posted by Thage View Post
    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    What's the difference between Call of Duty and Doom? You shoot baddies in both, thus it is the same game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    Whixh is like 0.1%. of entire wow content which means its actualy more solo arpg game than mmorpg.

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    WoW is not mmo. It lacks almost evertthing what makes mmo mmo.
    No no it doesnt. MMO is simply Mass Multiplayer Online which it is. You can argue its not an RPG as long as you have points to back it up. But saying it isnt an MMO just means you are on a deluded hate wagon making things up to fuel your dislike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    I've seen some estimates of a retail playerbase of 2.5 million (before Classic). Then there was a massive surge. BUT, subs eroded heavily after Blitzchung by as much as 60%. Could be back around 2.5 million again. The problem is that number is SO low that another Blitzchung-level scandal could erode that number under 1 million in a matter of 6 months. That would begin to effect CORE game systems like raids and large-scale PvP. They might not be doable any longer. As a countermeasure, WoW NEEDS to develop repeatable content for 5 man groups in case the raid scene dies from lack of players. So things like M+, IEs, and horrific visions become required safeguards.

    Due to the critically-low sub count, Torghast practically is a necessity to develop. They need new content that is for solo or small groups and it must be repeatable.
    Best not to bring up numbers period as there are no accurate numbers anywhere as Blizzard does not release them. Everyone is guessing with no factual evidence. And I seriously doubt Blitzchung had any noticable effect on sub numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George Costanza View Post

    I fucking miss marvel heroes omega though it was fun to just lvl characters there.

    I actually completely quit wow for that game, it was totally amazing experience before it shut down.

    -No gore, mostly bright places.
    -Amazing lore (here goes your favorite movie heroes)
    -Good game systems (PVE prestige, instancing with any level, etc)
    -Also the fact that professions was useful, and most items that you looted could've been utilized in some way, no trash loot was wasted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    Casuals dont care if you will laught or not. Most people consider beating lfr as finishid game. New difficulty is not new content.
    Difficulty has been seen as different content in games since difficulty levels were introduced in the 1980s. Only idiots on here try the whole "difficulty is not content." when they cry about wow.

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    One is and MMORPG and another is an Action-RPG.

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    Difference is that WoW works way worse when you have very limited weekly loot lockout and the need to extreme quantity of grind and loot to have the chance to roll right Corruption on the right items.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kallisto View Post
    Difficulty has been seen as different content in games since difficulty levels were introduced in the 1980s. Only idiots on here try the whole "difficulty is not content." when they cry about wow.
    No they were not.

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    WoW is a group based ARPG and D3 is a solo ARPG. WoW is NOT a traditional MMORPG. They removed all the "massive multiplayer" things out of the game. Loot is personal, loot is easy to get, loot is 100% RNG based, the world does not matter, mobs scale. Gear falls from the sky. You can get the best gear in the game by playing with 5 people at the most. Raiding is purely optional, crafting is pointless, zero player interaction is needed to complete the game.

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