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    Opinion on hipsters?

    I am what you call a "hipster." I like indie music, art films and children's books. I hate the mainstream and love stuff before it's cool. I don't care about doing "real" work, and I think people who do are unenlightened, anti-intellectual capitalist dogs. What is your opinion of hipsters?

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    I think hipsters are unenlightened and anti-intellectual. They are attention seekers and behave differently when observed.
    Thankfully their funny super ugly dressing style sets them apart and we can avoid them easily
    and the geek shall inherit the earth

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    I don't know...go back in time to 2010 when people might have cared about who was or was not a hipster. You'd probably get a better reaction then.

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    0.5/10 Troll thread.

    Hipsters? Haven't seen one in about 3 years (we are all hipsters now). Bernie Bros are the thing now.
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    Is it that time already?

    If you have to use multiple posts to explain you are a hipster (and you have) ... you're a wannabe.
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    I'm a hipster who sees who stupid and formulaic and cheesy everything is.
    "No one -- however smart, however well-educated, however experienced -- is the suppository of all wisdom"

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    listening to The Strokes and watching Eraserhead doesn't make you interesting

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    I dont care about hipsters as long as its not that kind of smelly hipster

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    I don't live life through labels. I am what I am I don;t need a stamp on my existence

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    Hipsters never existed in the first place. It was a dumb internet meme-insult that took off in the early 2000s.

    Oh you don't like Star Wars, Eminem and fucking Clothes bought at Wal-Mart... you must be a hipster.

    Hippies are a thing. Hipsters never were.

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    I think the term is dumb and covers too many normal things people do, and even talking about this makes me feel like I woke up 10 years ago lol.

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