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    How I Would Redesign the Warrior Class.

    I also posted this in the WoW EU forums and I'm also posting it here since the more people who see it the higher the chance of it reaching the eyes of someone who can make someone who can do something aware of it.
    It’s a public secret that Warriors have massive issues when it comes to gameplay as the class fantasy that’s advertised in no way lives up to what’s actually experienced. As this is just basic gameplay issues, I’ll only go a little into Talents. A spec should work fine on its own and the Talents should just be upgrades to the spec, instead of now where some Talents are mandatory to get Arms to work. Here’s what I would change:


    • 2 uses of Charge baseline.
    • Storm Bolt would be baseline.
    • Unstoppable (Passive) (New): Any Stun, Snare, or Immobilise effects have their duration reduced by 20%. The Troll Racial Flip Out and the Orc Racial Hardiness only adds 5% to this.

    Warriors are supposed to excel in mobility and when factoring in their counter mobility they’re the worst class around when it comes to that as they either have to Talent mobility or a stun, which no other Class in the game is forced to do. It’s so easy to stop them or otherwise hinder them.

    The Talents Double Time and Storm Bolt are replaced with:

    • Impact (New) (Arms, Fury): The Warrior’s Charge no longer roots the target instead it knocks it down. This counts as a stun that’s off the Diminishing Returns.
    • Bringing the Thunder (New) (Arms, Fury): The damage of Storm Bolt is doubled, and the duration of the stun is increased by 0.5 seconds.


    Arms is where most of the effort is as Arms needs a major overhaul on the mechanical front as the spec is unwieldy and requires the right everything to even be workable and even then, it still has a low level of enjoyment.

    • Rage replaced with the resource Momentum, which works mechanically like Rage and Rage sounds like the opposite of what a tactical mind would run on.
    • Return damage to be primarily front-loaded.
    • Momentum is gained in lowered amounts than Rage from auto-attack.
    • Momentum is gained from using Overpower.
    • Overpower no longer increases the damage of Mortal Strike.
    • Veteran Soldier removed. Critting only gives basic Momentum.
    • *Tactician (Passive) (new): In addition to having a 1.40% chance pr. Momentum spent to reset the cooldown of Overpower, it also applies Expose Weakness which is a cumulative, stacking buff of +the previous chance

    This makes the effect a “when” instead of an “if.” Which would make it more predictable, which Arms is advertised as being. Right now it’s random.

    Momentum-generation (Rage) is now smoother which in turn makes it possible to use more abilities. This has the effect that the passive damage bonus from Seasoned Veteran can be lowered.
    • The Mastery Deep Wounds is removed.
    • New Mastery: Overpower: Increases the damage of Overpower by X%

    Due to the new Mastery and the Momentum-generation of Overpower the entire spec is now centred around it. Right now it’s this weird mix between Deep Wounds and Overpower. Chain-procs of Tactician make playing Arms a lot more enjoyable as you’ve something to do in between auto-attack.

    Tactician and Overpower are now a part of the Arms Warrior basic package since the spec is unable to work without either.

    • Vanguard (Arms) (Passive) (New): The Warrior is healed by 1% for each 15/20 Rage used.
    • The effect of Victory Rush has been lowered to compensate for this.

    Most DPS specs have a way of adding a tiny amount of self-healing. This way is also thematic for the Arms Warrior as it’s a steady way to stay in the fight instead of gaining a sudden burst of power. A Warrior is mostly about the long haul instead of a sudden burst.

    • Second Wind (New): While the Warrior is below 35% health the effect of Vanguard is doubled.
    • Damaging abilities such as Mortal Strike, Slam, and Whirlwind now costs Momentum (Rage) and generates a small amount of Momentum (Rage).

    This feeds further into the idea that once the Arms Warrior gets going, they can continue going. With the abilities, both costing and generating Momentum is reflects that it takes something for Arms to get going and once it gets going it can continue to go forward based on its own momentum.

    Anger Management removed and replaced with Perpetual Motion
    • Perpetual Motion (New): Every 20 Momentum that you spend reduces the cooldown on Colossal Smash and Bladestorm by 1 second.

    More of a name-change to keep in line with the class fantasy.

    Ravager removed and replaced with Analytical Insight
    • Analytical Insight (Arms) (New): The cooldown of Sweeping Strikes is reduced by 12 seconds and the chance for Tactician to take effect is increased by +15%*

    Ravager is bad and in the grand scheme of things does little for the spec, also the name Ravager implies an emotional desire to destroy something. And letting your emotions control you is something that I would expect of Fury rather than the rational precision of Arms.

    • Hamstring removed and replaced with Heavy Burden
    • Heavy Burden (Arms) (New): “The Warrior lets out a shout that places a heavy burden on nearby enemies.” Nearby enemies are Snared by 50% for 10 seconds.

    Yes, this is just Piercing Howl with another name since PH is so superior to Hamstring that it’s annoying to use Hamstring at all.


    Fury is mostly in a good place right now. The gameplay feels smooth and it’s immensely instinctive, which is what Fury is advertised to be. The only thing I would add would be that Rampage added the Mortal Wound debuff else Arms will once again totally dominate in PvP.


    Like Fury it’s a spec that mostly works, it has one glaring deficiency compared to every other tank spec out there in that it can only prolong its own death instead of preventing it. It’s only good because it has some damage, can take some hits and otherwise brings nothing to the group. This is the last thing a tank should want to be known for. As it is now Protection Warriors are the worst tanks by far, to the point where it’s almost detrimental to bring one, for an important part of the content. All Protection really needs is one thing.

    • Vanguard (Protection) (New): The Warrior is healed by 1% of their total health for every 10 Rage they use.

    That’s all it would take to make Protection Warriors at least viable for the content where they’re detrimental as it means that bringing them would be less of a drain on resources than before. This small self-heal can easily be compensated for reducing their damage output a little. After all, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

    I would also change Spell Reflect, though that’s more of a QoL thing for me.

    • Spell Reflect: Reflects the first spell that the Warrior takes after the use of this ability. In addition, all magic damage is reduced by 15% for the duration of this ability.

    My approach to design, in general, is that the shape of the final product has to resemble a pyramid in the philosophical shape. Every layer below has to be able to support the one above. This is the reason this redesign goes little into Talents and such as the basic design of the Warrior in general, and Arms, in particular, is a mess with no clear sense of direction as the design philosophy is more of a square where everything has been made at the same time and thus the foundation is a mess.
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    Good job. Still, I'd give Arms more "motion" abilities, and protection spec needs more Gladiator.

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    Ya missed the one and only problem with fury. Recklessness. Remove it from the GCD and Fury will be a 100% perfect spec.

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    As I said in the last paragraph, this is just about getting the basic spec to work instead of adding bells and whistles to it. Bells and whistles can be added once the basis spec works.

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