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    Think of a concept that exemplifies your character. Now go to google and type in thesaurus and use that tool to make a name that means the same thing using different words.

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    First thing I do when I am gonna name a new character I look at my desk to see if I find something funny to play around with for a name. Next is class/spec dependant names based on normal names, could be from known people or just names in general. A frost mage named Jodiefroster for example
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    I make lots of alts. Basically I often get names I want to or on first, possibly second, attempt. As others have said, try some imagination.

    What names not to pick:
    Your favorite anime character. Those are already picked.
    Your favorite movie character. Those are already picked.
    Memes. Those are usually already picked.
    Too obvious clever jokes. Those are already picked.

    What usually works. Think of a fantasy character name. One that you came up by yourself (this is the important part). Doesnt go on the first try? Alter or add a few letters while still keeping it desirable.

    You want some word that means something? Those are likely picked. If you still want, then think of a clever way to preserve the meaning while altering it slightly the same way as in my above suggestion. Add a letter. Alter a letter. Do not use ä or á, ect. Those are likely picked and look bad (in my opinion).

    Anything obvious. Those are already picked.

    Pick something you thought yourself.

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    I would recommend to stop choosing names that are not original and everybody else uses all of the time. I would also recommend to stop worrying about how the name is spelled if you absolutely cannot play the game without using that name. So for example if you want to play as the name " Legolas " or the name " Arthas " and you cannot use those names as they are spelled, try spelling them like " Legolaass " or " Legollass " and " Arthaas " or " Artthhas " instead.

    But then I read this in your post:

    it is necessary to start using the battletag, to that everyone can use the name they want for their character.
    Sorry but that is not the solution. That just tells me you do not take our own post seriously enough. So I am unsure why you posted this to begin with.

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    I try to choose names that I think make sense for the race (except my main, which I named before I knew anything about WoW, 14 years ago) and I take inspiration from the NPC’s of that race. I have an Orc DK named Korgeth, inspired by Kargath, for example. An undead priest named Stevanovich, inspired by the Barov family, and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    Dunno why some people got such a boner to be just a lowly peon-adventurer.

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    There are a lot more available names on Classic, if you're interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flower Milk View Post
    There are a lot more available names on Classic, if you're interested.
    This desperate already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capultro View Post
    hi all..I still have the same problem. Every time I want to create a new character, the names I try to choose are not available ... a solution is necessary, and they are not the random name generators, it is necessary to start using the battletag, to that everyone can use the name they want for their character.
    I can not create a character without a good name that I like ... either paladin, picaro or dk .... for me it is a big problem, because I always have to be thinking and thinking of good names and most are not headache...
    It's a "first come, first serve" system. And you're playing a game that is 15+ years old. Your options are:
    • Work out that brain to find a truly unique name;
    • Resign yourself to be just one more "XxXArthasXxX"-like DK in the crowd, or whatever other class you want to be;
    • Move to a low-pop server and pray the name you want is not taken.

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    Don't create a new thread when you already have an active thread that isn't that old. Closing this.
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