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    The Winsor McCay Award- Who do you think could receive it now or in the future?

    EDIT: Had a brain fart. Removed one specific entry. Sorry.

    I was reading the news and I found out Satoshi Kon, the animator who made stuff like Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent, was recently posthumously awarded the Winsor McCay Award. I had never heard of this, so looked it up and the recipient list is a fucking pantheon of animation- Fleischer, Freleng, Avery, Jones, Clampett, Hanna/Barbera, Disney, Tezuka, Miyazaki... Voice actors like Don Messick and Mel Blanc, and modern animators like Bruce Timm, Genndy Tartakovsky, Mike Judge and Matt Groening have also gotten it.

    So anyone who is in tune with the animation world, who do you think will eventually be given the Winsor McCay Award?

    My picks?


    -Pendleton Ward; Adventure Time

    -Matt Stone, Trey Parker; Animators, voice actors- South Park

    -Seth McFarlane; Voice actor and animator- Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show

    -Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko; Marvel- despite their work not beginning as animation, their work has had a considerable presence and impact on the animated world.

    -Rebecca Sugar; Steven Universe- I think Steven Universe was groundbreaking enough in terms of LGBT representation in animation- as well as in general a freaking masterpiece- that she might be a recipient down the road, but I also want to see what her plans are post-SU before I make a solid decision on this. A lot of winners of the award have a big portfolio but others have gotten it based on one or two major works.

    -Aaron McGruder; The Boondocks

    -H. Jon Benjamin; Voice actor- Bob Belcher, Sterling Archer, numerous other roles.

    -Kristen Schaal; Voice actor- Louise Belcher, Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls), Sarah Lynn (BoJack Horseman), numerous other roles.

    -Jim Henson; Why the hell has he not been nominated? I get that his work doesn't meet the definition of traditional animation, but still... I think he could be nominated posthumously.

    -Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts.

    -Other VAs:
    -Frank Welker
    -Steve Blum
    -Grey DeLisle
    -Jim Cummings
    -Tara Strong
    -John DiMaggio
    -The entire cast of the Simpsons, hard to pick. If I had to, probably Hank Azaria or Nancy Cartwright.


    -Akira Toriyama; Dragon Ball, as well as the many RPGs that have his trademark style.

    -Chris Sabat; Voice actor, countless anime roles including Vegeta, All-Might, Major Armstong, etc

    -Hirohiko Araki; JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    -Eiichiro Oda; One Piece

    -Makoto Shinkai; movies- Your Name, Weathering With You
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