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  • Warlords of Draenor is BETTER than Battle for Azeroth

    121 42.61%
  • Battle for Azeroth is BETTER than Warlords of Draenor

    117 41.20%
  • They're both equally GOOD

    6 2.11%
  • They're both equally BAD

    40 14.08%
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    Finding a stranger in the alps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    I mean according the polls.. The results are perfectly balanced *Thanos Voice*
    Was watching a few hours ago and WoD was higher now it's lower.
    "You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation."

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    Legion is the worst expansion. Bfa is better than Legion but worse than wod
    Legion is the worst expansion
    BFA=Blizzard Failed Again

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    WoD was much better, at least my main and 3 alts were FUN to play.

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    I feel they both had their good and bad points. I am however not a fan of the split storyline thing. Horse missed out on the shadowmoon stuff and ally the frostwolf stuff. I wanted a proper zandalar quest line and a proper kul Tiras one. Not bits and pieces as “incursions”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    WoD, so far, remains as the sole expansion in which I took a break from the game as I couldn't find anything to justify the monthly sub fee, since literally all I did was log in to raid. I literally had nothing worthwhile to do outside of raiding.
    Lmao and BFA is mine. I have never quit an expansion for as long as I have with BFA. Can't stand idiotic garbage design philosophies from a gaming standpoint.

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    The way I see it is this:
    WoD had far superior class design which made me enjoy playing the character but there was little to no content so I got bored.
    BFA had far superior amount of content but which I didn't enjoy playing due to poor class design so I got bored again.

    From a game perspective itself I would say BFA was better as it brings reason to play, while WoD gives better tools (your character) but you can't use it because there's nothing to use it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neik View Post
    Classes got butchered after Mist of Pandaria, either removing and taking away cool stuff, or introducing pointless cast times. WoD is just shallow in all aspects comparing to BfA.
    That's when they started to get butchered. WoD still had a majority of things intact and neat passives (way more than now). Legion is where the gutting bs came into play. Bfa put the nail in the coffin with the design philosophy they had with the neck. Semi decent concept, ass execution. BFA class design in itself is a joke compared to Wolf's which ironically was also gutted but nowhere near as far into the ground as BFA's is sadly.

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    BfA wins by far,

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