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    islands dont drop gear - islands are dead content

    visions drop gear - all hail visions

    thats the only but key difference between failure and success
    Also, visions can be solo'd, have a progression that matters (cloak and tree). If island expeditions just had some of that built around it, it would see more play. Of course, doing the actual island expedition has to be more interesting as well. The timed rush gameplay is something I try to stay away from.

    If IEs were a solo or group instance that was about actually exploring and finding cool stuff and doing a couple of quests I think it could be fun. This game needs more mellow slower gameplay like that I think, we have enough gogogo rush aoe in this game already.

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    Islands were promising in that the way they were marketed before we knew how they exactly worked was great. Once it was discovered it was just genocide all life collect loot from very samey islands that people started hating it. They look good but they are all so similar there is nothing that really sticks out about any of the islands to make you remember them so it has to rely on the mobs. The mobs are also super samey because even the rare elites are just bigger versions of the cannon fodder you genocide. They didn't make any cool unique monsters or super cool islands to make them more interesting so most people felt like they saw all it had to offer after just a couple of runs.

    Unfortunately the rewards are great and players are masochists who will drag our junk through broken glass if it means we progress 1% faster so people who didn't enjoy it were forced to keep doing it way more than they wanted to if they didn't want to fall behind and feel like a drag on their friends. That led to people despising them. It was just a big letdown of something that sounded super promising on paper but didn't live up to expectations.

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