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    Well in a Serbia average salary is about 500e ( i guess) but 99.99% just download them from torrents so I guess it's free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tech614 View Post
    Actual fact and I already linked multiple sources saying it, meanwhile you have done nothing but compare a locked down store ran by a publisher to an open market place that is ran out of China. I'm literally laughing right now. You understand that is how the fraud happens in the first place? Apparently you didn't take the hint, they use stolen CCs to buy keys for games from locked down sites usually owned by game creators then sell those keys on the market place. Then when those fraudulent charges get reported the dev gets a chargeback which actually costs them money, not a net 0 but actually loses them money in the charge back fees. If you took 1 min to read the posts or do any research on the matter you might be worth giving more effort to into a reply but as it was this is the last you will get from me lol.
    You mean the sources that got discredited again and again including in this thread? Try again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    Is Spain considered a poor country these days?
    Not poor by any means, but poorer than other European countries. The average salary is around 1806€, whereas in Sweden for example it's in the 2400€.

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