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    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart View Post
    This is the level of players in here, saying "if only a +15 didn't have a timer, i could easily do it!!!!". What have we come to.

    I didn't know that 42 or even goddamn 49 minute timers were considered "go go go mentality" and whatever other slew of buzzwords and talking points people in here made up to cope with the fact that you want easier rewards for less efforts.

    Literally easiest way to spot LFR heroes and champs, whenever an idiocy like that is pointed out.

    You currently do not need to rush in anything below a +15

    You could literally walk boss to boss of a King's Rest +12 key with no skips, no flasks, no potions, shit comp, and still time it easily.

    I'm trying to wrap my brains around all the people commenting in here, mentioning +6s, +8s, +10s...

    Do you know how unbelievably bad and unfit to play M+ do you have to be to consider the timer problematic in a +8 key?

    How many ninjapulls of extra packs, missed interrupts, dying to mechanics, low dps and lack of class knowledge you would have to have to brick 49 holy christing minutes inside Shrine of the Storm?

    And you think the TIMER is what is locking you out of enjoying this type of content?

    Dang dude, calm down lol.

    Some people don't have the same coordination as you do. Or wanna be sweaty af.

    Some people in this topic are over the age of 60.

    Some people in this topic just started playing this game due to joining WoW from the classic hype.

    Some peoples children....I tell you WHUT.

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    To be blunt if mythic plus was tuned to not have a timer people who cant time a 15 now likely wouldn't be able to clear it.

    If you want easy content you ruined heroic dungeons with this argument already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    Thing is you know 100% if those got added. Everyone here would be complaining about those instead of timers.
    spend 2 hours on a +20 dungeon, and then some idiot gets themselves killed too much and it fails.
    Hows this different from hours of failed timed runs because some idiot always dc/die/ninja pull too much regardless of the +level? This is the current reality the majority is the dealing with, hence the frustration. Best leave this arbitrary bs to achievements and tournaments tbh.
    If you knew the candle was fire then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastorm View Post
    It just promotes rush rush rush gameplay, and sets up pugs for toxicity.

    Maybe just add an option to run them with one chest at the end, without a timer? That keeps everyone happy.
    How do you propose someone levels up a key then? Just completing it is a level? This does not reward skilled play at all as you can ram your face for hours into a high key and it is no difference from someone who does it efficiently. I am guessing this is a new spin on the "I hate"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberry Lemon View Post
    i said they should make the dungeons harder... do you even read what people say? or do you just quote and pretend they said what you think you're addressing in their post? you shouldn't be racing against a timer which is mostly spent killing trash, you should be unable to get loot because you can't beat the bosses...
    Holy hell do you know of any other god damn punctuation besides an ellipsis,that you dont even know how to use properly? It's like talking to a 12 year old, emo-phase child.

    Raids do have timers,its called the enrage. Mythic plus timer is your enrage timer. If you hit enrage on a boss,you ran out of time,they one shot you and you get no loot. If you hit the enrage on the mythic plus you...wait,you still get loot if you keep going? And the weekly chest? And a buff if under +10? Wow it's almost as if like the timer is what keeps the bads in check,yet still rewards them so they dont cry on the forums!

    And yet they still do.

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    Yeah, just make the key not upgrade if its not timed, just like its now. So people who arent good enough to run timeds wont reach good rewards.

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