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    Is it not time to talk about inscription crafting times?

    So tome price was high on my server and i figured i'd go ahead and craft some, not considering the ridiculous ink craft times. That cast was half an hour long to begin with, it really feels like you should be able to craft inks 10 at a time or something like that considering the large time investment contrary to modest reward inscription currently offers.

    Or is there any good argument for keeping the profession as is that i'm missing?

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    It's a joke compared to what it used to be. I'd just wait and see if they actually do right by professions come SL... Oh I made another joke
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    I feel like you should definitely be able to mass produce inks..

    But just want to check that you the crafting enchant on your gloves? It can make a big difference, especially in those quantities.

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    The glove enchant is basically a necessity.

    That being said I do agree there should have been some kind of mass inking or something. I guess Blizzard didn't really anticipate people needing to craft thousands of ink at once, and in the beginning of the expansion I didn't even really notice because I was never making more than 100, but man I tried to make a thousand the other day and just walked away. Even with the enchant it took forever.

    Definitely too late in this expac to expect Blizzard to do anything about it, but maybe in SL they can fix that. Although I doubt it, because at the beginning of SL I doubt it'll be a problem either, it'll only be noticeable a few months later.

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    Second account with crafter on it is your only solution for now.
    Atleast you can go afk while ink is crafting - wich is not the case for expulsom that you need in hundreds, I've spend minimum of 100+hrs this expansion just sitting crafting wrists and scrapping them.Best design.

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