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    If you like duck face then sure.
    I guess blizzard doesn't want the night elf to look as attractive as the Thalassian elf.. I don't really believe this because it doesn't makes sense, you want your models to always look good for what they represent, elves, amongst other things are renowned for their beauty and near perfect qualities.

    Until TBC, night elves and blood elves shared the same model with only the racial characteristic variation (pale v purple skin, silver v normal eyes, different angle of ears (same ears though).

    It was good of them to make the models at least different in TBC, it's better for game purposes, but it's not good that the blood/high elf is so clearly better looking. The night elf should look exotic and attractive in that near ethereal way. And they can do - if you look at the blizzard art, the cinematics -- Tyrande/ Malfurion, posters of night elves, they look good, just not sure how the in-game model especially for males falls short, and even worse on the Nightborne, when the npc models aren't actually that bad, even looking good.

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    they run like they have backbraces on. hard pass.

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