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  • Less than 25 Thousand a Year

    9 33.33%
  • Less than 50 Thousand a Year

    1 3.70%
  • However much that isn't enough to cover basic NEEDS

    16 59.26%
  • Talking about poor makes me sad (Other write in comment section below)

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    I burned all my bridges by 19, and was living in my car. Until the car no longer worked. Considering how my life went from 19 to 23, it's a miracle I'm not dead. No home, no job, no car, the poorest I ever was.

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    I have been pretty lucky and privileged. Poorest I have been was during college where I had to choose between beer or decent food. Therefore I bought the beer and lived off Ramen and Pork & Beans.

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    Yes. Back in the modem days when my phone service was cut of
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    The worse it ever was, I remember eating several relish packets cause there was nothing else to eat when I was like 12.

    When I was 17 I lived out of my car for like 3 months, that wasn't to bad though cause I was staying at a state park w/showers, pay phone, washing machine etc.

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    That really depends on where you live. 50k can do a lot in some places, very little in others.
    Yah my retirement is about 50k a year, and I am living better then when I was making 130k a year (at the very least about the same).

    Rural Maine is cheap as long as you don't rent.

    Although I do take on part time jobs every so often, Christmas, some unexpected expense comes up (like when my pup hurt himself and cost me 6k) etc
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    Parents are millionaires, was given €300k finishing off Uni., so no.

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    The worst experience by far was applying for social welfare money.

    We only got one meal/day in the weeks (free lunch at school), but thanks to Swedish values we were never at risk of being homeless. My mom had undiagnosed ADHD and self-medicated her anxiety with alcohol. We were at the very bottom of the societal ladder, but the lack of food came down to mom's addict-priorities more than a lack of funds.

    And it was still not worse than the summer when I had to apply for social welfare. My school had ended, the summer job I had planned didn't come through and so I had to register as unemployed and then go apply for social welfare.

    It was demeaning, it was fruitless (applying for 20 jobs/day whether you could realistically get them or not) and as a cherry on top, a fat pig of a "man" handling my case almost denied me the payout as he misread my application. Luckily I could go to his superior and show her that he was wrong and refused to accept it.

    People claiming that being on social welfare is somehow lucrative and a means for the lazy to lean back and leech off society, are idiots buying into Capitalist myths. And this was in Sweden, I'd hate to imagine what it's like in far less humane societies.
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