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    Horde [H] [US] 460 WW Monk LFG 1-DAY RAID and M+


    I’m a returning mythic raider looking for a group to do raiding content once a week with maybe a second day optional.I play WW monk and i would not mind trying to heal off spec(but not geared for it yet). I am currently focusing on M+ as i did not find a group yet to join. I am currently 1.2k io , 5/12N and 1/12H with pugs. I dont specially want to do mythic raiding but at least try to push AOTC.

    I am open to change server if i find a group!

    you can reach me on this post or with discord at Svester#7164

    looking forward to raid again !


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    The "Nutty Squirrel Gang" is recruiting Raiders. We raid Thur/Sun 8 to 10pm server time. 7 to 9pm CST. Casual and pvpers are welcome as well. We are also looking for more people to hang out on Discord too. Kargath/Norgannon

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