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    Burger or hotdog.

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    When you’re starving? A lot of things.

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    Pizza was my favorite when I was starving. A giant meat lovers from this local pizzeria shop called Fat Freddy's. Double pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, Genoa salami, ham, with a mountain of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Their pizza was like nothing else, and they were always very generous on the toppings. I'd wash that down with a nice glass of coke. Those were the days.

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    goat meat. time to bag me a draenei.
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    Back when I was able to eat this stuff I'd treat myself to a Wendys triple baconator with a chocolate shake. I don't even want to know how many 1000's of calories that one meal was but damn I loved it.

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    Burger that will make your tummy full really quick

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    A big bowl of chili topped with cottage cheese and some good bread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Amadeus View Post
    Ok sorry about the stupid word "hangry" I just mean what is the best food for when you are very hungry or in other words feel like you are starving?
    Why are you apologizing for using a real word? Can't believe people haven't heard of this before.

    Anyway for me it was steak, but since I stopped eating steak for the moment, not sure ... I have been eating a lot of shrimp lately.

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    Honestly, if I'm really starving, I want a balanced meal. Something with a good amount of protein, definitely some hearty fat content, and some good filling calories, like a pasta, or even some heavier fibrous greens. I'll definitely eat other junky stuff, but I tend to feel hungrier earlier, or at least less sated unless I eat something like above.

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    Lots of protein and fat, like half of a grilled chickenwith some aioli and salad/bread would be my preference, but most things will do just great.
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    Asian rice lunch box with 3 different kind of meat flavours, or double cheese burger. Easily gets full.

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    Hot pizza or a good burger (not the McD syle, but homemade ones).

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    Big sub sandwich... or Taco Bell.
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    Doesn't matter i am hungry or not. My mom hand made food is my favorite <3

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    1 Pasta of course
    2 I haven't experienced new meal recently

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    Something hearty. Pizza is good, but nowadays I have gone with macaroni casserole and pasta more often.
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