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    OK, as many know im not a great fan of BFA. But tbh my critisim purely has always been mainly about the class designs, everything else has been in the range of inconvenient to excellent in bfa.

    But the things I think they did excellent in.

    1. Leveling in bfa, the quests and zones, probly the best they have ever done.

    2. Art, all of it, zones, allied races, new worgen and goblins, hertige armour. I think everything but the last 2 non plate raid sets have been good.

    3. Music always on point

    4. Raids have been mostly great.

    5. M+ remains both challenging and fun.

    6. Warmode has been a great edition to the game along with the conquest quests the incentives world pvp, the back and forth between the camps in najatar and the near endless melee in rustbolt are crazy chaos fun that you can then opt out of when you've had enough and want to get other stuff done.

    7.essences in principle, the essence system it's self is good, having basicly a proper talent tree and some flexibility for most classes in picking builds for what content you're wanting to do brings back some of the elements I miss from the old talent trees. Though the system I feel is spoilt by the unlock requirements for alot of the good essences.

    8.corruption gear, though I'd prefer a more deterministic acquisition method, having another layer of char customization is great. Being able to kit my holy pala out in Echoing void or Infinate Stars at the cost of some healing when I want to solo content or just play shockadin for the hell of it cos I can and its fun is a good thing. Plays should have the freedom to mess around with there class like this and the freedom to fail if it dosnt work out.

    9. Visions, solo content that has challenge is a great edition to the game, yes wow is an mmo and most things should be group content, but that dosnt mean it should be the only challenging content needs a group, some times people want a break from group plays or they want to be the lone ranger.

    10. Healer class design. Yea yea I know I said my only main point is bfa class design but I make an exception for most of the healing specs currently, glimmer is fucking amazing and if that isn't made a talent or base line in SL I will be upset, disc is as fun as it always was since its legion redesign, rdruid is enjoying both being a M+ power house but also a fun cslatweaving style, mist weaver Finaly has my dream come true of way of the crane in pve thanks to conflict and strife and is now a fantastic healer through it (seriously blizz way of the crane should hae been a pve talent from the bloody start), resto shamman has the battle shamman build.

    Dps and tank specs are still fucking dull as shit though, but great time to be a healer atm.

    I think if I hadn't been playing dps most of this expac and had been on my hpala from the start I'd likely have a whole different opinion of bfa than I do currently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    Drutvar is epic? Bah. I bet hardly anyone can even remember the name of the "scary" wickerman on the loading screen for Kul Tiras. He was a generic, boring villain that showed up to brag and then die.
    Gorak Tul.

    Drustvar has this eerie "Blair Witch"-y feeling all over it, as if the whole place was haunted. The quest line with Abby Lewis was chill-inducing, too.

    OT: zone designs are great. Drustvar and Stormsong Valley look the best. Sound and music design was pretty cool, too. I also do love the concept of Azerite gear, meaning I can switch and mix-and-match bonuses on them as needed and not be locked to the old "2-piece/4-piece bonus" of the old tier sets.

    Also, I'm sad for all those posters who think they're being "oh-so-funneh!" and "3edgeh5meh!" by posting nonsense like "made me unsub faster lolololz!" I'm willing to bet good money that those exact same posters would have their panties in a bunch faster than one can blink if other posters came to positive threads about things they like to spew negative nonsense and be edgeh like they think they are, here.
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    I also did a Bard thing! Questions, comments and ideas, all welcome!
    Update 09/02: Apparently the mods decided to merge my class concept thread with an existing one.

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    It was better at making me want to unsub faster than any other expansion to date. It made me unsub after just 3 weeks, BFA got this one perfect.

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    I liked the story. But that is literally the thing I care least about in any video game I play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by styil View Post
    To try and get some positivity around here, what would you say are the things that BFA did better than in previous expansions? Whether it be music, lore, gameplay, or anything else. Feel free to list as many things as you like.
    Just speaking for myself everything i wanted was in it except the tier class sets i miss does so i give it a 9 out of 10 imho.

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    It makes me unsub at 8.1 but come back at 8.2.5. A story of love and hate.

    Allied races are great, especially for horde (I play both factions)
    As a mount lover, I really enjoy all those new mount in BFA that you can get via grindind, reputation, gold, achievment, rare, etc ... and correct me if I'm wrong but I think BFA bring more mount than any other expac
    Music : Darkshore warfront, Zandalar, Boralus

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    Made me unsub, i hadnt dropped sub since woltk, good job boring for azeroth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deferionus View Post

    Allied races and their heritage achievements gave the players who love alt leveling some achievements to chase down.
    Zone design was strong.
    Music was great.
    I think the dungeons were on the high end compared to other WoW expacs.
    Visions of N'zoth and the cape is good. TBH this could have been in since the start and no Azerite BS to make the expansion a lot better.
    The world drop mounts and legendaries were nice to farm when nothing else was going on to make some gold income.
    The bee alliance stuff is a positive.

    If I am being truthful, BFA would have been a much better expansion if they had some of the .2 and .3 content in at launch. They launched the expansion with too little and added good features too late. I guess this really just comes down to the warfronts and islands being flops.
    I agree with most of this actually... I think bfa would of been remembered as a pretty good expansion if it wasn't so utterly poisoned by its reward systems.

    Now sadly it's going to be remembered as the "grinding" expansion. If you took ap,azerite, corruption, and essences and tossed them in a well before they were implemented I think you would of had a excellent expansion... maybe revert the gcd change to that felt truely awful for the first few months and still sucks on some classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racthoh View Post
    Can't see anything in raids due to all the shit flying now so not really... unless you're a ranged player maybe
    Well maybe that's because the spell visuals are actually showing then. So that's in point I guess.
    Horde bad, smash monkey. Who is a good monkey? You are!

    Let loot be loot.

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    On top of my head:

    Zones are diverse , with good subplots and amazing music. Vol"dun music, Zandalar music and Nazjatar theme sent shivers down my spine. Mechagon in particular was fun, engaging and it made players cooperate.

    Almost 30 minutes of CGI cinematics (but low effort expansion bruh).

    World felt dangerous and alive, smth which i have been missing since Wrath. BfA>Legion in that regard. I got Conqueror title on both alliance and a horde toon - this was a golden expansion for world pvp, even if it has been reduced by flying. Also, i kind of missed not flying the day i got PFinder part 2.

    Lot of content patched in. I'd dare say 8.2. was the biggest content update in this game.

    Several specs i tried felt amazing to play. My long time main elemental shaman, imho is at its peak. Lighting Lasso has already become a signature spell. I love my current main, MM hunter aswell and it gives me great pleasure doing fine in a sea of endless BM hunters.

    BfA is a solid expansion, with a lot of good things. Some thinga missed the mark tho, but i had never for a moment thought it was by malicious intent or to spite players. Some things just dont work out.

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    -The war campaing concept, I like the idea of having a story mode paralel to the main zandalar/kt quest line.
    -Mag'hars, Zandalari trolls and Dark Irons.
    -I liked Warfronts and the transmogs you could get from them
    -Island were a neat concept, just poorly executed
    -I don't know when CTA quests were introduced, if it was in BFA, nicely done.
    -The best two Heritage Armor were introduced: Tauren and BE
    -Horrific Visions

    Although, the list of Cons would be much more larger.
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    Zone stories: Zandalar, Drustvar and Nazmir mostly.
    Stories: king Rastakhan, Jaina, the inn in Vol'dun, the 8.3 questline.
    Assaults were better than their Legion counterparts imo. Especially 8.3 assaults which you can complete in a variety of ways.
    Survival hunter, mw monk, holy pally and demo lock play better than their Legion counterparts.
    Music is top notch.
    Horrific visions are improved versions of withered training and chromie scenario.

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    The absolute only thing I actually liked in BFA was the M+ system.

    I would like Blizzard to incorporate into the game and make it in such a way that entering certain +n dungeons would require a certain personal score, otherwise the key owner can't activate the key if someone in the group is below the minimum score requirement for that particular key.

    This would also remove boosting, as the booster can't activate the key if Nooblord in the group just hit max level.

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    It lost players better than other expansions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolites View Post
    eh, maybe, but still doubt it was better than WoD in this regard
    I actually played WoD throughout the entire expac. It was fun. BfA has been a dumpsterfire from the start.

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    Zandalar was a really great continent to quest through.

    Bwonsamdi is the best new character Blizzard has introduced.

    Allied races are a welcome addition, even if some of them were underdeveloped.

    Nyalotha and BoD are phenomenal raids.

    8.3 is a really strong patch thematically.

    Mechagon is a fantastic playground zone, ignoring the obligatory rep grind for flying & essences which soured it by a lot.

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    BFA was the best at providing the largest amount of rng and rng systems, the largest amount of rental power systems and the most pointless timegating we have seen in the history of the game.
    Softbottom - Stormscale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Softbottom View Post
    BFA was the best at providing the largest amount of rng and rng systems, the largest amount of rental power systems and the most pointless timegating we have seen in the history of the game.
    More pointless then limited boss attempts per week?


    I quite like how you can progress your char from all kinds of activities and not being limited to raiding/high ranked pvp(im saying that as someone who thinks raids are the best part of the game). Makes the expirience more cohesive as a whole.

    I am also enjoy that M+ requires good pulls, positioning, cc and utility is very useful. I feel like for the past few expac raw numbers(dmg, hps) mattered way too much.

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    Off the top of my head i would say the most significant contribution BfA did, which it did far better than any other expansion is experimenting and coming up with novel ways of structuring world content.
    8.1 had the assaults, which while a continuation of the 7.2 invasion mechanic was still an interesting new way to make the world more alive.
    8.2 had Mechagon with the daily WQ and rotating pool of dailies, which were fairly standard, but also had Nazjatar which felt like a good combination of Dailies and WQs, along with the follower most of all.
    8.3 has assaults, which are a pretty fantastic improvement on Emissaries, being a way to allow the player to go around doing random stuff they enjoy instead of simply picking the 4 easiest world quests and calling it a day.

    Now if only Shadowlands manages ot combine all these different outdoor content improvements into 1 new emissary system i think we could have what should be the ideal system going forward.
    What i am thinking is something like each zone having 3-4 different possible emissaries, with each one being assaults constrained to a small portion of the map, and up for the same 3 days an emissary is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Depakote View Post
    I actually played WoD throughout the entire expac. It was fun. BfA has been a dumpsterfire from the start.
    this might be a surprise, but you are not majority by yourself
    incredible amount of people left in WoD, most likely in BFA too, but now the game looks much more live than in WoD, which says something especialy since BFA have sharding and warmode...

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