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    Bfa did zone storytelling far better than previous expansions, especially regarding the alliance side, drustvar is the only time since vanilla that i stopped to read quests because they were generally interesting, and the themes hit all the right spots.

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    Auction House redesign
    Warmode and warchest drops (when zone is balanced)
    Alliance capital city
    Drustvar zone and quests
    Account based honor levels
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    Auction House improved (once the bugs got fixed)
    Ease of alt gearing (NOT including essences)
    War Mode leveling

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    Honestly, I don't know that it really did anything better than Legion, apart from maybe a more measured content release pacing and the amount of high quality tie-in media, with the cinematic shorts.

    It was pretty much a repeat of Legion's formula, but with worse core systems and a worse overarching story.

    That's not to say it's devoid of value.

    The world design, zone quests, art, and music were all good.

    I think War Mode is a good idea, but still needs some iteration, especially on the server engineering side.

    In a similar vein, I think the BG adjustments and brawls are nice additions.

    Warfronts and Island Expeditions were a big miss, but Horrific Visions are a solid first attempt at a roguelite mode, and I'm hopeful that they can use both the latter and former as stepping stones with Torghast in Shadowlands.

    I think Allied Races and Heritage Armor have been hits, for the most part, and I certainly hope they carry them forward, while perhaps easing unlock requirements for old ones once the expansion ends.

    I think the themed weekly and bi-weekly variations to Uldum and the Vale are a great way to make world content a bit less repetitive from day to day, week to week -- though I definitely prefer WQs to dailies, and I'm not thrilled with the rep grind pacing or the implementation of rare spawns.

    The AH improvements are welcome and, frankly, overdue.

    Mythic+ being fleshed out is nice, though I've never been a big dungeon guy personally.

    And on the optimistic side, the expansion is hopefully a learning experience for Blizzard when it comes to the mistakes and weaknesses, which I think mostly overshadowed the good:

    There really isn't room for error with core class design and fundamental gameplay systems. If the game doesn't feel fun, people won't want to play it. They really can't launch with busted systems that take two content patches to fix, they can't leave unfun specs untouched for entire expansions, and they just generally need to be more open to responding to player feedback with timely changes.

    On the story side, again, I think the individual zone and continent stories were pretty great. It was the War Campaign that, frankly, sucked. They really need to make sure the overarching story ties together and make sense, they need key players to be directly involved with the player. Legion had a pretty damn solid story arc, characters had consistent motivation, there were good surprises, and there was a lot of stuff to make you feel personally invested.

    BFA got to a point where it started feeling like we weren't even really involved in the main story -- that everything important was happening behind closed doors, in secret. And don't get me started on the whole moral ambiguity thing, which got the whole story off on a bad foot. Nuance is not their strong suit, and they really ought to recognize that and play to their strengths: iconic characters and cool moments.
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    I enjoyed warmode very much. But only when leveling. Too inbalanced to have on afterwards.

    New auction house seems PogChamp as well, but haven't had the chance to try it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercarp View Post
    I can't think of any positives that BfA did better than the previous expansions. Everything felt like a downgrade.
    I have very similar feeling. I feel like playing a beta all the time. This expansion I've made the longest breaks from the game ever.

    P.S. I guess I could point at warmode.

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    Give me a few days and maybe Ill think of something.

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    I thought that the art and music team did a fantastic job. Kul'Tiras is absolutely beautiful. Drustvar in particular was my favourite. They really excelled themselves there.

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    I didn't particularly enjoy or care about anything in BFA, which explains why I didn't play it very long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astator View Post
    Auction House redesign
    Warmode and warchest drops (when zone is balanced)
    Alliance capital city
    Drustvar zone and quests
    Account based honor levels
    Which is seemingly almost never on most shards given how every day there seems to be alliance deathballs either rolling around to stomp on solo players or just straight up camping the assault turn ins so horde players cant complete it.

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    Best zones for sure. Aesthetics and music in the zones were the best ever IMO.
    I also love the concept of seasonal affix. For me, Mythic+ are much better than Legion as well.
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