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    Quote Originally Posted by Razion View Post
    Chen & Li Li Stormstout, Aysa Cloudsinger, and Ji Firepaw.
    And Lorewalker Cho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destinas View Post
    -Other important Gnomes could get unique models, like Kelsey and Overspark.
    Kelsey actually did get a unique look in 8.3 - while not a new model, per se, it uses a unique combination of parts to differentiate her from the 'gnome in warrior arena S1 look' she's had for like, forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psykho View Post
    I feel all the new horseman should get the unique model treatment just like their originals

    And while I agree The Aspects need an upgrade, they'll probably stay the same, as Alexstrasza's bikini elf is rather iconic and I feel it wouldn't feel right if they made her a dwarf or a Tauren, The only change I could see for her new model is making it more like her HoTS model, Nozdormu however I could see him switching it up to Zandalari or a Nightborne as we don't interact with him nearly as much as Alex and Kalec
    If Alex became a dwarf or tauren the riots on the forums would be legendary. Maybe even worse than the high elf threads. Every single Blizzcon would have someone ask "please turn Alexstraza back or else". I think everyone can unite on bikini dragons.

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    I think all faction leaders do. Mayla, Umbric etc.

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    For starters, any faction leader still using a generic model.
    Gazlowe, Rokhan, Moira, and Muradin.
    Special call out to the dwarves - they’ve been relevant much longer than their Horde counterparts.

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    I would love to see Arathor with new HD model, to finally see a real half-elf in the game.

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    My character, because I am a special snowflake *blink blink*

    On a more serious note, Rokhan. As a Darkspear Troll myself I would like to see more race leader quality as well as representation. Our last got killed by a plot line and since then it's been rather empty.

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    I actually took a swing at creating some more unique transmogs for the different characters, something Blizzard could do if they didn't find it too important to give them unique models, you can see them below I'd love to know your thoughts

    Halduron. His set was pretty self explanatory, the Legion hunter tier set just fits so well with the Farstriders. I still wanted to make something more unique than just a tier set, so I gave him the heritage armor shoulders, and the boots and gloves hunters receive when boosting their character. The bow is really the only thing I'm unsure of due to its low resolution.

    Next up we have Lillian Voss who currently is wearing the orc themed warfront set from the Battle for Stromgarde. I put her in some different Battle for Ashenvale warfront gear, along with some pieces from Wrath and gave her a more fitting sword, she'd obviously have two. What's interesting about Lillian Voss is that the female forsaken model is so terrible, that she deserves a completely new rig if they're ever going to do her justice. No gear looks good on her.

    Mathias Shaw I wanted to be one thing, stylish as all hell since he's literally a bond reference, so I gave him some leather armor from the Stromgarde warfront as well as some fitting leather pieces from Cataclysm in the form of the legs and the chest. He of course has kept his signature knife.

    Shandris has also been given some pieces from the Battle for Ashenvale warfront, as well as some shaman off pieces from WoD, these are the legs and the chest. I put her in a fitting Night Elven tabard and gave her a belt with some bones and fur to kinda make it more savage.

    With Tess Greymane I really wanted to use those legs to make her kinda scrappy, and the green and brown version didn't look quite right to me. You may find the red may to be a bit too much but I sorta decided to just embrace it and find some other fittingly red and black pieces.

    With Vareesa I liked the bow a lot and wanted to build the mog around it, so I put her in a mail questing set from Wrath that I think is underrated, and put some white questing gloves and boots on her. Finally I found a matching, she looks a bit more similar to Alleria now maybe, a bit.

    Finally there's Darius Crowley. I saw a piece of artwork of him wielding a cutlass so I definitely wanted to bring that into the set. I also really liked the axe-gun from Kul'Tiras so he has that in his right hand. The main thing I tried to do was build some heavy plate armor around the Gilnean tabard, and I think it turned out alright.
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