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    Moderation seems way to lazy. Rather close threads than penalise posters.

    You know its bad when you cant even discuss a CEO stepping down/being removed from one of the biggest entertainment providers in the world in the entertainment thread. (Bob Iger/Disney thread).

    Rather than instantly shut it down, maybe give those that are posting off topic infractions maybe? I thought that was the point of the infraction system?
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    Infraction system hardly matters when there's no punishment for people making multiple accounts.

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    In theory, a thread closure should not let bad faith actors off the hook. However, we have a finite amount of manpower, especially in certain high activity forums, which means sometimes things get missed and sometimes things get handled in a manner that prioritizes efficiency. We are always accepting applications from good community members to increase mod coverage: https://www.mmo-champion.com/modapply.php

    S&F is not for complaining about moderation, so locking.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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