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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post

    You'd have to be naive AF to think they aren't going to be coming out worldwide.
    What about the other store stuff on the china site that would sell like hot cakes if they came to the west but didn't?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post

    You'd have to be naive AF to think they aren't going to be coming out worldwide.
    Exactly this was said about Tyrael's Charger being made a store mount over there rather than an Annual Pass mount.

    Never happened.

    China is a different market, they have a ton of differences in store items and monetization solutions from EU/US, and none have made it to the West.

    So no, it's not naive to think it won't happen. It's actually logical considering history and the pattern already in place. Thinking it will happen on the other hand, is wholly emotional.
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    I think the PTR is nice, we speedrun ZG yesterday on PTR. Managed to clear it in 45 min.

    We are a bunch of casuals just having fun but speedrunning content in classic is fun
    I think that next week we might be able to clear it in under 40 min with some more fine tuning. I know this isnt fast compared to the top guilds who clears it under 25 min.

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    omg, AB next week guys!

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    LUL content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cena View Post
    LUL content
    Don't you diss arathi basin or ZG.

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    hooray, BG holidays are here to penalize those that cant play weekends! Time to fall behind in weekly honor even further!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker1 View Post
    That will never be a thing should ask for tbc instead imho.
    Yeah okay.

    Ask for TBC, then Wrath, then you'll get Cata, MoP and . . . well in 15 years you'll be playin Battle for Azeroth *Classic*

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmightyGerkin View Post
    Zul gurub gets released

    2 hours later

    And it’s cleared.

    And that matters why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nozuka View Post
    And that matters why?
    It’s a joke.

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    After all the complaining about retail's "patch" nature, Classic is literally the same play on patch week and you are done til next patch. At least its kind of cool to know already in advance what all the patches will be, but it does feel a bit like watching a movie after reading the plot summary on Wiki.

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    Looking forward to AB. I feel like ZG is a bit soon, but excited for a different flavor of raiding.

    Still enjoying current content, raiding twice a week, leveling and lots of PVP inbetween.

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