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    Extreme loss streak since 10.4

    Hi together,
    I played LoL many years ago, stopped playing and did not play for the last 3 years. I started again shortly before season 10.
    I was never higher than low-mid gold.
    I started jungling again (old main role) even when it was... not so good in s10. I also play support, but mostly jungle, its like 70/30.

    I played my placement matches and was placed in bronze 3, started to play and climbed pretty easily to silver 3 99lp the day before 10.4 hit.
    So... now something really strange happened. Despite being paired against roughly the same opponents, it seems that my winrate DRASTICALLY dropped. I had a 60% winrate before patchday. Since then I played 47 games and lost 42 of them. Don't blame me, I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Thats right, my winrate for that timeframe dropped to 10.6% despite not doing anything really differently than before. When I check the Elo of my opponents it is roughly the same that I had before.
    I just was demoted to Bronze 1 again.

    But here is the catch: The vast majority of those games I lost for reasons that have nothing to do with the game itself, I lost because somebody disconnected after 5 minutes and never came back, starting inting, people where losing their shit in champion selection and insulting each other before the game even begun.
    I know this stuff happens, I lost games in the past because of it, but in general the majority of the games was fine. And yeah of course there were also other games where we just got completely stomped. Like, no chance of winning at all. All lanes, including me 0/5 after 10 minutes despite trying to play it safe. Base crushed before 15 minute mark. Stuff like that.

    Does anybody else has had such experiences since 10.4?

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    I feel you. I realy do. I had a 20 win streak, climbed from low silver to gold 3 promos, at almost a 40 W/L difference, out of nowhere I start getting the exact same problem, just had a jax who flamed non stop because I was not using spells on drake ( I'm malz, with 300 mana saved up in case someone shows ) and starts non stop flaming for hte rest of the game, along with trolling and losing us the game, wish I could say this was a once in 20 games but sadly ever since I started losing i get this.

    it's quite weird but I feel like this season people are the most toxic they've ever been.

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    So the same thing has been happening to me.. i get these matches where almost always its either the ADC or the jungle they are completely new to the game.. they have zero sense of the dangers around them.. they die 5-10 times before the 15 min mark.. im not saying im good cuz then i wouldnt be silver 3 only.. but MAN why the fuck am i getting placed with completely new players to the game.. its not fair for ME and its not fair for THEM.

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    Sorry not playing LoL but to me it seems that some toxic people returned with new patch and you are matched with them. Probably having bad luck on team mates / getting tilted by them.

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    We've all had times like this. Do not worry. Once I lost 30 games in a row and dropped from diamond to platinum)

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