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    Am I the only one playing with 120 Base Corruption and just dealing with the effects until Mr. Timegate finally frees me from my pitiful misery and big dick dps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by therealstegblob View Post
    Am I the only one playing with 120 Base Corruption and just dealing with the effects until Mr. Timegate finally frees me from my pitiful misery and big dick dps?
    Depends what content you play. Well my guild had a guy who thought it's a fun idea to come to heroic reclear with so much corruption he had 119% healing reduction, it didn't end well for him.

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    If it gives you a huge advantage, don't cleanse it

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    Sadly, you can no longer tell what you want/need or don't at a glance and need to use simulation tools.

    Now how much corruption you want? Depends on how much do you want to deal with. I try to stay <40 for now.

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    Don't sim it.

    If you're asking these questions then then the difference between simmed items will be insignificant and made up for by better gameplay.
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    If it's corrupted, cleanse it.

    Don't encourage this system.

    If you're not playing on a level of the top of the top (be honest with yourself, you're likely not at that level), or directly competing against other players, it won't matter.

    Good enough is good enough, and pure Ilvl (and maybe some secondary stat min/maxing) is and must be good enough because some day most of this expansion will all be "passing through" content on the way to a higher level cap, and must function and remain accessible without any of the rental power of its heyday.

    Also, this:

    Quote Originally Posted by MoanaLisa View Post
    Yeah, the system, like a lot of things in WoW, is sort of a theory-crafter's dream and not very good for anyone else. I use the word over-engineered a lot here but this would be my current choice if I had to put a picture next to the word in a World of Warcraft dictionary. It's a mess. I like choices but I'm less of a fan of endless choices between A, B, C, D, E and F where most of them have no particular meaning or clarity. They are fond of saying that ilevel should always rule and I'm "OK" about that but then the next question becomes if ilevel is the ruling thing why is there so much other crap surrounding it.

    Sometimes the design of a system reminds me of a developer saying "I wonder if this would make an excellent thread on the old Elitist Jerks site." If YES, then it must be a good idea. When you get multiple systems like that then everything becomes a sort of sludge. Unfun, unclear as to what you're really supposed to do and easier to just ignore.
    Well said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    few questions here:

    well, first: it looks like without simming you have NO CHANCE at all, to compare combinations. not even some vague basic principles.
    Sure you do. Take a look at your logs, or go through Details if you don't know how to interpret the logs.

    Go to a raid, or mythic+, or just start smacking the dummy and compare your results. Pay attention to your buff uptimes, damage done, damage done by certain spells, damage taken, activity and such, and you'll get a pretty good understanding of which item is better. The more iterations you do the more correct your results will be.

    You don't have to use sims, you can do all that research on your own, it is just easier, faster and less of a pain in the butt if you do, because the stuff I mentioned above is what sims basically do, they gather loads of data from a lot of iterations and show you which item is an upgrade.

    Quote Originally Posted by therealstegblob View Post
    Am I the only one playing with 120 Base Corruption and just dealing with the effects until Mr. Timegate finally frees me from my pitiful misery and big dick dps?
    You must be a mythic progress raider with 120 corruption. I bet healers love you as well.

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    Keep in mind that once the cloak is fully ranked up, there apparantly will be "infinite" rank ups meaning that you can get as high corruption as you want eventually. So just put good corruption pieces in your bank.

    As for how much corruption is to much, it can depend on class/spec. For instance, over 60 corruption means that every Thing basically roots you in place and puts a huge radius eye on you. If you are a hunter/mage, you can blink/disengage out of it or just root/freeze the Things, but if you are I.E. a DK, that means you'll need to pop AMS to not be killed or stress your healers out.

    On my Resto Druid, for instance, I run with ~75 corruption. It's easy enough to root Things when they pop up, the 85% snare can be shifted out of, and eyes can easily just be moved out of. On the other hand, I have a seperate set for Guardian with only 15 corruption - The root itself is fairly minor at only 15-20% snare, but the eye if you can't move out of it due to mechanics, mobs, ect can easily deal 300-400k damage over it's duration, and Things seem to deal 35% health in damage period, which can be devastating on a tank.

    So yea. Keep good corruption items for the future (Generally, if it gives 75 corruption its a strong effect), and the amount of corruption you can actually play with depends on your class and spec (Tanks need to keep Corruption low. Some DPS can keep it high. A few classes/specs may even be able to keep it in the triple digits)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raugnaut View Post
    Keep in mind that once the cloak is fully ranked up, there apparantly will be "infinite" rank ups meaning that you can get as high corruption as you want eventually. So just put good corruption pieces in your bank.
    After you reach rank 15 your cloak will have 50 resistance and there will be 25 weeks of upgrading resistance 3 per week up to to a total of 135 (cloak+essence) via N'zoth/Mask visions.

    Only cleanse if you have no other options aka can't be above 39 for a progression night and have no other gear to replace it, otherwise hold onto gear until you can safely equip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    Don't ever cleanse the corruption unless it dogshit for your class ex:

    On the very bottom of that table. Don't use pure dps chart, use dps/corruption.
    Cheers - nice site.

    I actually got quite a lot of gear...sometimes the same piece with different corruption - so I keep it all around and mostly try and wear stuff that never gives me more than 20 corruption (easy now with rank 12 cloak)

    I found some corruption just very obviously bad (by just deciding it ) - so I sold stuff with leech or mastery (and it is indeed at the bottom of the chart you linked for my class) - on the other hand, I mostly get the same corruptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    thats all good statements overall. i play the game since 2005 without interruption. nontheless i am not sure that THIS should be part of gearing. the thing of „try by yourself, get experience, taste and differing from player to player“ should not be a thing when it comes down to gear. to encounters ? yes. to classes, class design and mechanics ? yes. to gear and deciding what item of 2 is the better one ? no. not in my oppinion, sorry. Thats NOT what RPGs (at least classical ones) are about.

    - - - Updated - - -

    concrete questions:

    i have infinity stars with 75 corruption and mid stats 455 instead 445 bis stats item i wear
    i have twillight devastation with 50 corruption mid stats 455 instead 450 mid stats item i wear
    i have 2 450 corruption items with a not so well effect that both have 20 corruption. one have BiS stats. i wear 2 450/445 mid stats items.

    what do i wear ?
    what do i cleanse ?

    as balance druid.

    - - - Updated - - -

    additional question: is it normal to wear just one really good corruption piece with high corruption value ? or do most ppl wear 2-3-4 corrupted items ? i really do not get that system it seems
    Well one of the issues you seem to have is thinking that the world will end if you don't use the thing that's 0.3% better. Most corruption effects are pretty obvious as to which one is better after trying them out once, you don't need to do extensive scientific research every single time you get a new item, already acquired knowledge from trying out these effects on previous items is enough to understand what's better in most cases, and if it's too close then it only means it doesn't matter cuz you'll gain such a microscopic advantage that no one will really see it.

    I get the idea of min/maxing but ultimately if you're not in world first race it's 99% irrelevant and how you play and typical RNG will fluctuate the numbers more than wearing the ultimate 0.3% best item.

    At the end of the day tho, the most important thing is to not cleanse corruption because the entire system is just a big puzzle where you can swap pieces anytime you get a new piece to play with, AND we have absolutely no idea what's going on in Blizzard's head (to be faire they have no idea what they are doing either) so anything could get buffed/nerfed at anytime and making you regret to cleanse something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niwes View Post
    How do i know what combination of items i need ? And when to cleanse and when not.
    1) Get the simc addon.
    2) Copy the simc string
    3) Go to - Top Gear
    4) Set your Corruption max to whatever you want (39 is a good idea)
    5) Run a sim

    Never cleanse items with "good corruptions".

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    Some corruption items provide nothing bonuses to most classes. If you need the corruption cap, cleanse it.

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    Expedient is probably underrated. I'm not sure exactly how the sims work (is it based off a particular gear set with azerite traits or just a certain stat level?), but it scales off haste procs and there are a LOT more haste procs than anything else

    - Overwhelming Power
    - Racing Pulse corruption
    - Vita Trinket

    And some class specific things, like Flashpoint for destruction.

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