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    Heard he was a fiend for Sudoku.

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    He figured out his prison had exactly 100.152 floor tiles (7.674 of them broken) and that surprisingly none had disappeared at neither the 3rd or 4th recount.

    At 5th one had vanished, but turned up again at the 6th recount .. phew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dastreus View Post
    I mean it wasn't stated as a joke.
    And he doesn't talk about it in lore or murder Maiev? sure that wasn't a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mace View Post
    Can't really say that, we are not told much of what he did till the book came out, and ten only a little - but he kept himself sharp, honed his skilsls in ways we don't know.
    we know he went insane according to him.

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    Apart from getting ripped, he spent most of his time getting those sick prison tattoos, obviously. Yeah, those tattoos have nothing to do with empowerment or controlling the fel magic, demon hunters just don't want to admit that they got inked out of boredom.

    In fact, you can actually see his Tyrande tattoo on his chest here:

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    probably alot of fapping while staring maive down while doing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Narwhalosh Whalescream View Post
    I read that he went insane but then got bored of being insane.
    He was chained up, iirc. So, he just hung out for 10,000 years.

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    Before the Illidan novel: "Now what actually happened to my eyes..."

    After the Illidan Novel: "Ah damn these Fel contacts won't stay in. Keeper could I get something to wrap round my face?"
    9,999 years later
    Keeper: "Oh all right here's a piece of my loin cloth."
    Illidan: "At last, now I wonder what Tyrande has been up to all this time."
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    He prepared.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stormbreed View Post
    Mexico is already part of the USA so is Canada

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    He did Maiev.

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    What is a year in the Warcraft universe anyway?

    So according the calendar (if its canon) it has the same months we do, and if thats the case then I have a lot of questions about our monthly origins in relation to WoW :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatePsy View Post
    Frozen in stasis, left to his own mental devices. If those giant crystal blocks are anything to go by during the DH starter questline, he would have been sealed up in one of those. In fact I'm pretty sure he was seen sealed in one of those crystal blocks in that cinematic when we arrive at the Black Temple.
    Different emprisonnment.

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