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    Death Knight- Human/High Elf both were in the area it started
    Demon Hunter- Night Elf
    Druid- Night Elf
    Hunter Dwarf/Troll
    Mage - High Elf/Human
    Monk - Pandaren
    Paladin - Human/Lightforged Draenei
    Priest - Human(Holy) /Undead(Shadow)
    Rouge - Human/Worgen (undead seem right but their bones creak)
    Shaman - Tauren/Draenei
    Warlock - Orc
    Warrior - Orc/Maghar/Dwarf/Dark Iron

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    Death Knight - Human / Forsaken
    Demon Hunter - Night Elf / Blood Elf
    Druid - Worgen / Highmountain
    Hunter - Dwarf / Vulpera
    Mage - Kul Tiran / Nightborne
    Monk - Pandaren (A/H)
    Paladin - Draenei / Tauren
    Priest - Void Elf / Zandalari
    Rogue - Mechagnome / Goblin
    Shaman - Dark Iron / Troll
    Warlock - Gnome / Orc
    Warrior - Lightforged / Mag'har
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    Aight lets test this out:

    Human: deathknights because they dont fit anywhere else.
    Offsprings of gregor clegane: Warrior
    NE: Demonhunters
    Dwarf: hunter
    Dwarf but sooty and with soon to have lung cancer: Shammys..
    Gnome: Warlock
    Gnomes from special olympics: they dont fit any class. Lets do this again when we get tinker class.
    Dranei: Priest
    Draneis with more fabolus clothing: Paladin
    Elves that needs more sun: Mage
    Pandas: Monk
    Wolfs: Druid
    None of us really changes over time. We only become more fully what we are.

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    Orc - Warrior
    Undead - Warlock
    Tauren - Shaman
    Troll - Hunter
    Blood elf - Mage
    Goblin - Rogue
    Highmountain Tauren - Hunter (Survival)
    Nightborne - Mage
    Mag'har orc - Shaman
    Zandalari troll - Druid
    Vulpera - Rogue


    Human - Death knight
    Dwarf - Hunter
    Gnome - Mage
    Night elf - Druid/Demon hunter
    Draenei - Priest
    Worgen - Rogue (by default, because this is the only class that can stealth and worgen should be able to do so by themselves)
    Lightforged draenei - Paladin
    Void elf - Priest (Shadow)
    Dark iron dwarf - Warrior
    Kul'Tiran - Shaman
    Mechagnome - Dunno actually.... maybe hunter because they like their guns and mechanical pets
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    Human: paladin
    Dwarf: warrior
    Gnome: not really sure!
    Night Elf: druid
    Orc: warlock
    Tauren: shaman
    Troll: hunter
    Undead: rogue
    ...that's just my opinion, anyway.

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