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  • Dr Katherine Pulaski

    8 19.51%
  • Dr Beverly Crusher

    33 80.49%
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    I didn't really like either but if I had to choose I would say Crusher. Now if we expand to all the star treks then Phlox is the best star trek doctor. He seemed way more resourceful and did the job with far less technology.
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    One spawned HWil HWheaton. how can you even compare these 2?????

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    It's weird to be in a thread where so many people are wrong. Imagine voting for crusher over polaski :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by prwraith View Post
    It's weird to be in a thread where so many people are wrong. Imagine voting for crusher over polaski :P
    Far more people are familiar with Crusher than Pulaski. TNG doesn't really get consistently good until season 2, so many people skip her episodes. Even if people do watch her episodes, Crusher simply has far more screentime and is remembered as "the TNG doctor", whereas people tend to forget about Pulaski.

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    I've only seen three seasons so far, but with that experience I prefer Pulaski. She's like McCoy, but with more edge to her, where as Crusher is less interesting and I don't care for her personal connections to Wesley (whom I also don't like) and Picard.
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    Beverly Crusher is gorgeous so... I choose boobs!

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    Pulaski is the worst doctor of any of the series. They wanted her to be saltier like McCoy but all she ever did was pick on Data and he was like a helpless innocent child so it just made her look like a bully. McCoy took on Spock and Spock could give it as good as he got it.

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    Paulaski is my choice. Better doctor? Well, I don't know, but I like the actor a lot better. I don't think I like the Crusher character much either, and I have disagreed with her actions many times, especially in the episode where Worf breaks his back, and wants to commit suicide. I think she whines too much, she's not funny, and there are little things I feel is wrong, like her talking about her wet dreams with Troi. Paulaski is , if I remember correctly, acting much more professional and calm, but not robotic or asocial.
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    Both were kinda crappy compared to other trek doctors imo, just generally worse writing/acting. If I had to pick between them though I'd say Crusher. Pulaski's whole "anti data and tech" attitude was so arbitrary and silly and was forced in to create some artificial (hah) conflict between crew members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Val the Moofia Boss View Post
    While we're on the subject of Star Trek doctors:

    • McCoy: the classic character. Sorta interesting on his own, but was really memorable for his role as apart of the Kirck-Spock-McCoy trio, the core triad of characters on the show.
    • Julian Bashir was a fun character when interacting with O'Brian, Sisko, Worf, and Odo. I really liked how he hanged out with O'Brian and became the archetypal example of someone who used the holodeck for fun. His genetic engineering backstory that was retconned in later on wasn't interesting. Bashir's romance subplots sucked.
    • The Doctor is probably tied with McCoy as the most memorable and most likable Star Trek doctor. He bounced off well off of just about everyone, and had interesting quirks and got the funniest parts of Voyager. His "the treatment of AI and their rights" subplot is interesting, even if it's a rehash of Data.
    • Phlox, like the rest of ENT, was pretty forgettable, but he did have a gimmick of folk tale remedies.
    Phlox laid down the foundation and inspiration for the prime directive and essentially the reason it was created, defiantly not forgettable
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    Holo Docs 1 scene in First Contact was better than anything with Crusher or Pulaski

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormbreed View Post
    Since I was able to find Nudes of Crusher as a young boy, I'm gonna go with her, she "helped" me grow.
    I didn't know Gates McFadden was a trans...

    Seriously, I would say it's hard to decide which is the best, since Pulaski was there for only a season. I believe they wanted to give a McCoy to this show's Spock, Data. Like McCoy, she hated transporters. But it didn't quite work. She seemed more dynamic and direct than Crusher and it would have been interesting to see how the character would have evolved. Howver, I can't say she was better than Crusher. Anyway, let's say that the ship's doctor didn't have the same importance in TNG than TOS. McCoy was a main character of the show, being the triad Kirk-Spock-McCoy.

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    Beverly Crusher is gorgeous so... I choose boobs!
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    Pulaski was just a dick the entire time. Nothing likable about her.

    Crusher was a soccer mom but at least she was more interesting.

    Obviously they're still both the bottom two in the history of Star Trek doctors (The Doctor being top, of course).

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