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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    I feel like we're due a CoT dungeons/raid again. I can't even remember the last one, was it dragon soul in 4.3?
    The three Dragon Soul related ones and the Dragon Soul raid itself, yes - End Time, Well of Eternity, and Hour of Twilight were the 5-man dungeons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    While I don't have time to really plot out these things in the manner of the OP's great initial post, I thought I'd provide a quick list of CoT content that would be cool to experience:

    • Fall of the Zandalari Empire (Zandalari vs. nascent Kaldorei)
    • The Ordering of Azeroth (Titanforged vs. Old God forces)
    • Final Battle of the Troll Wars
    • Aegwynn vs. Avatar of Sargeras
    • War of the Satyr
    • War of the Three Hammers (Modgud's attack on Grim Batol and the summoning of Ragnaros)
    Yes. These stories from Chronicles would be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sondrelk View Post
    Personally i always found the best, or at least most intriguing CoT instances ot be the ones where the Infinite Dragonflight is attempting to stop some atrocity like the culling of Stratholme or Medivh summoning hte orcs, and then having to make sure said events happen. Fitting instances for this would be:

    Burning of Stormwind: Having to make sure the Stormwind defences are improperly defended, or otherwise not reinforced, to allow the Alliance to be formed.

    Scourge of Silvermoon: Helping Arthas lay siege to Silvermoon, ending with killing Anasterian.

    Galakrond: Having ot make sure Galakrond is properly allowed to be made into a monster so the Aspects can be formed.

    And possibly in a future expansion. Burning of Teldrassil: Where you have to help Sylvanas burn down Teldrassil to ensure her evil deeds are noticed in time.
    Love all those, I dont think the Burning of Teldrassil would be a good idea, but the others sound really fun.

    If the Scourge of Silvermoon becomes one, that will be the second dungeon where we kill Sylvanas :P

    I... personally would like more CoT dungeons based on WC1 and WC2, why? cause those are the events people know the least of, many people played or have heard the whole story of WC3.

    Also... i would love to see a CoT dungeon of events that happened that we only heard about, like how K'aresh (the world of the Ethereals) was assaulted by Dimensius, and we fight Ethereals that have sided with the Infinite Dragonflight that are trying to evade the destruction of their planet and their bodies.

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    Battle of Blackrock was the first thing that came to my mind. Anduin Lothar, Orgrim, Turalyon.

    I seem to remember a mission in WC2 with you defended khadgar while he closes the portal in outland right as DW flies through it. That campaign could be a cool cot instance.
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    First and second war would be dope

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfryed View Post
    First and second war would be dope
    Yep, though I'm not sure if anything else in the First War is Infinite Dragon worthy other than help saving Stormwindians and helping them flee Stormwind City

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Definitely would've loved to see CoT: Siege of Theramore. Honestly, it would've been the perfect addition to CoT for BFA... Reminind players just exactly who (and what) Daelin Proudmoore was, and what Jaina did (or rather, didnt).

    But alas.

    Also, as a dwarf enthousiast...

    War of the Three Hammers - Invasion of Grim Batol
    • Grim Batol before it fell to ruin, assisting Khardros Wildhammer in fighting to, and defeating Modgud who is wielding Xal'latath and is bringing the shadows of Grim Batol to life.
    • Moral Dilemma: This actually comes after Modgud is defeated, since the players have a chance to claim Xal'latath at an earlier point in time... Not so much a moral dilemma as it's a challenge to ignore her whispers. Could be a kind of encounter all of its own.

    War of the Three Hammers - Summoning of Ragnaros
    • The Burning Steppes / Searing Gorge areas before they were quite so burning and searing, seeing how those areas looked like before they were scorched flat by Ragnaros's arrival into Azeroth. Assisting Madoran Bronzebeard in fighting back the Dark Iron armies from Dun Morogh, culminating into Ragnaros's rebirth. Can't defeat Ragnaros in the dungeon, the encounter with him would involve sealing him down into the Molten Core while helping the Bronzebeard armies survive.
    • Moral Dilemma: If Ragnaros wasn't summoned to Azeroth and his powers diminished by the time he got sent back to Firelands, he would've been far more powerful during the invasion of Hyjal? Maybe? Not sure.
    Those are pretty neat ideas, especially the Summoning of Ragnaros
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    Sargeras' Fall and the destruction of the Pantheon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardenaso View Post
    Yep, though I'm not sure if anything else in the First War is Infinite Dragon worthy other than help saving Stormwindians and helping them flee Stormwind City
    Destroying stormwind and killing everyone there would be worthy enough

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    Quote Originally Posted by lagiacrux View Post
    i would LOVE it, if we get a "Burning of Teldrassil" COT dungeon, where you have to make sure that the events occur as they did.
    watching nelfs making sure their homeland and people get burned to a crisp would be hillarious
    thats just.. disturbing. You really need some therapy.

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    1. WC2 : The Bitter Taste of Victory - Ner'zhul breaking Draenor apart

    2. War of the Three Hammers - Emperor Thaurissan summoning Ragnaors

    3. Fall of Argus

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    Pandaren-Zandalari War

    Siege of Stormwind from the first war (with helping Orgrim kill blackhand as a first boss)

    The fight where Tyr died

    Siege of Goria between the orcient orcs and the ogres

    Since i'm a huge orc fan, siege of Shattrath. Force players to do a dungeon butchering shaman-stealing space goats
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    1. Assault on Y'Shaarj during the Pantheon's & titan-forged armie's war on the Black Empire

    Though the titan-forged were successful in defeating and imprisoning the Elemental Lords, the titans realized that Y'Shaarj would prove too great a challenge for them; as the titan-forged approached the temple city that lay at the heart of the Black Empire, Y'Shaarj twisted their thoughts and drew out their darkest emotions. Thus, Aman'Thul, the Highfather himself, reached down through Azeroth's skies and heaved the Old God from the surface of the world. At that moment, the massive bulk of the Old One was ripped apart, and its death rattle caused entire mountains to shatter and hundreds of titan-forged to be instantly obliterated where they stood.
    - Arguably the biggest event in Azeroth's primordial history as it was the creation of what the Well of Eternity would become.

    - As Y'Shaarj was the biggest, most powerful and most wicked of the Old Gods, imagine seeing his gargantuan body at the center of the Black Empire
    (with massive architecture built around him) and the scene of waves and waves of titan-forged fighting endlessly against waves and waves of aqir and n'raqi.

    - Y'Shaarj also employing mind controlling-like tactics against the titan-forged and forcing the Keepers to strategize.

    - I think this would make an amazing dungeon/raid as to witness a key point in Azeroth's history that dictated Azeroth's future going forward.

    2. "Helping" Garona assassinate Llane Wrynn during the Siege of Stormwind

    - Another one of those dungeons where the Infinite Dragonflight are attempting to stop a decisive moment in history, and we have to prevent it and keep it in check.

    - Could function as a mix of an escort dungeon as well as a gauntlet (like Culling of Stratholme but better).

    - Would be neat to see Garona wrestle with herself being mind-controlled and what not, and it would also be cool to see certain emotions play out as the eventual assassination takes place.

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    Anything that would have us ensure that a horrible event in our history, came to pass. The Burning of Teldrassil could be amazing if done right.

    That would require zero light made of the event, very compelling and intricate designs, on-point gameplay (not "press a box here) to really hit home just what a tragedy it is.
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    victory of the trolls against the aqiri

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    The retaking of Gnomeragan.... Oh wait....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enan1981 View Post
    The retaking of Gnomeragan.... Oh wait....
    Hey, they could always make a future CoT dungeon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehrunes View Post
    Hey, they could always make a future CoT dungeon.
    Now youre talking my language.... :3

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    do i must prioritize anything from wc3 that isn't in caverns of time?
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    The ones I want see the most:

    - Defense of Quel'thalas (Join Arthas with a DK version of your character to help whipe out the high elves and ressurect Kel'Thuzad)

    - Battle of the Frozen Throne (Join Arthas with a DK version of your character to fight against Illidan and win all 4 obelisks to reach Ner'Zhul

    - The corruption of the Warsong Clan (Join Grom with an orc version of your character, reach the chaos well and kill Cenarius)

    - Takeover of the Black Citadel (Join Illidan, Vashj and Kael in taking over the Black Citadel from Magtheridon)

    - Siege of Stormwind (Join Orgrim with an orc version of your character and kill a lot of humans)

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    Defense of Quel'Thalas, Siege of Stormwind and Battle for Blackrock fo' sho'

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