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    Quote Originally Posted by monkaTOS View Post
    Is it bad though? When you think of the goal of presenting powergains on seasonal basis?
    I would argue that the contrast of legion to beginning of BFA was the worst in a long time in terms of fun gameplay.
    This is where the issue of rental powers come in, lorewise we should get stronger through the expansions not weaker.
    I just feel as they could have come up with something better than just stripping us of all power at the start is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Testodruid View Post
    I just feel as they could have come up with something better than just stripping us of all power at the start is all.
    I'm sure they could have and I'm pretty sure they did leave designs on the table, but this is what we got.
    It's easy to say "they should innovate more!" or "they should design better systems!" without actually offering any solutions.

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    Just make a flatter growth curve for secondary stats but make them start at a higher baseline level. No one likes playing their class when it feels like it's handicapped. Or when it's so absurdly scaled that you are just mashing buttons with no thought.
    I hard disagree with you here.

    Pre-WoD, secondaries mattered a lot for specs, and it was so fun. For example, going into ICC and capping ArP really enabled a lot of builds, like Fury and Combat. Or getting enough crit to make Fire playable / really really good in Cata. Or getting enough crit in MoP to enable machine-gunning Stargsurge on balance druids in MoP. Or getting enough spirit on any healer and getting yourself mana neutral in dungeons.

    Having those kind of breakpoints and intense scaling kept classes/specs so exciting throughout an expansion. Without a noticeable increase in power, what's the point of getting ilvl? Do you really want your spec to feel the same (or close to it) for 2 years during an expansion? How boring.

    Fire mages are a current example of this kind of scaling. Fire was a dead spec in 8.0 and 8.1. When essences and the Mechagon bracers were introduced in 8.2, the spec came online. Now, Fire is the most played spec in mythic raiding, and sees much more participation in other areas of the game. People love to find these niche setups.

    That said, I do agree that there's an issue at the start of an expansion. BfA had the absolutely worst leveling experience, but primarily due to the loss of the artifact weapon and legendaries. It wasn't that annoying in prior expansions, especially pre-WoD when you kept all abilities and gained new ones when a new expansion came out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natureseer View Post
    they intentionally made secondary stats scale extremely poorly this expansion for that exact reason. i dont think you really know what youre talking about (i mean youre talking about bm hunter "mechanics" distracting you lol)

    also, the end of the expansion is when youre supposed to be overpowered and exceptionally strong.. thats kind of the payoff for the time spent grinding the gear.. if it wasn't for the heart of azeroth our secondary stats would be dumpster level thanks to azerite gear inexplicably lacking them completely.
    pfft do you know how fun it was to play my firemage at the beginning of legion?

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    They do need to reset every expansion as much as it sucks. If it didnt, we would be at Crit, Haste, Mast, and Vers, armor, caps already, which imo would suck more as we would stop feeling more powerful.

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    They tried it out in Legion, where even in starting dungeon blues you could get easily get 50% crit and equivalent in other secondaries. Secondaries then grew very slowly, although with the influx of primary stats the relative value of secondary stats once again grew exponentially over the xpac.

    Imho this system worked pretty well, that didn't give you the feeling of being powerless when the xpac started and you went from end gear to greens, and yet it still lead to secondaries being strong all the way. I have no idea why they didn't continue that system in BFA.

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    Its the reason why i raid so no thanks

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    No, secondary stats scaling extremely slowly was a BFA thing, not Legion.

    If your spec felt bad at the start of BFA, like a fire mage or fury warrior with low crit, then those specs should have been tuned to feel better. We don't need to flatten out secondary stats more than they already are. As I demonstrated on the previous page, gearing up through 150 itemlvls you only gain around ~2% crit on your weapon.

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