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    I don't have the funds to go to the doctor right now and make too much to get state health care. Looking for some simple advice on some things.

    I am a 28 male 5 foot 11 360 pounds. In metric that is 180cm and 163kg.

    I have looked at a lot of fitness apps and weight/ calorie counters and need advice on whether you trust them or not.

    Most say I should be eating 2800cal to lose 2 pounds, around 1kg a week. Meanwhile I've heard people saying I should cut back to like anywhere from 1400 to 1900cal. I have tried 1800 and lost 30 pounds on it but have plateaued around 356 to 365 pounds up and down even though I am sticking closely to it. I have read that for someone my size I might be starving myself at 1800 and that is the reason I'm not losing. I do still feel fairly hungry throughout the day at 1800 Cal.

    My question is, are the weight loss calculators correct and should I be eating upwards of 2800cal, or could there be some other reason that I'm not losing? I do still eat some bread and sugar, but I have incorporated a lot more lean protein, fruits and veggies into my diet to no avail.
    My Advice is nothing to do with specific diet changes:

    I suggest reading/listening to two books, The Willpower Instinct and The Power of Habit.

    I also suggest that you forget about "quick" weight loss solutions. Find lifestyle changes you can see yourself keeping for 3+ years. Work towards a slower weight loss than makes headlines and you are far more likely to keep it off.

    Discipline is key. I also suggest calorie counting for at least 3 months. Track everything and be honest with yourself; remove any guilt or shame, just focus on fixing your house. I learned that I really have no idea how much I was actually eating. Peanut butter is a great example, what looks like 1-2 tbls can easily be 3-4 and and 400 calories.

    Oh, and cook 80% of your meals if you can. Cook, measure, weigh (get a food scale), track.
    The 100% best way to stay on track is meal prepping (this goes back to the willpower book), pre-prepared food is a defense against your future self making a bad choice.

    Final Note:
    I feel like getting into cooking is key. There is a WHOLE world of culinary variety out there! Weight loss is literally as boring or tasty as you want it to be. And when you start looking into substitutions, you'll be shocked by how big your meals can be. I've a 380cal Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti dish that was too much for me to finish, the same dish would have been 700 calories with regular spaghetti noodles.

    Edit: I guess I should mention that I lost 90lbs doing this. Allowed myself bacon+eggs every morning to control flavor cravings, healthy meal prepping, and 1 meal "out" with friends a week. Also got into exercise, started the Couch-to-5K, then HIIT, and now weights. It was definitely a learning process that took the first year to really understand.
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    Not actually true. You breathe out more weight than you piss out.
    explains the shit breath lol

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    but seriously though. yes you need to be in a calorie deficit. but what i'm trying to stress here is

    its much easier to be in calorie deficit and NOT feel like you are starving if you are eating whole, minimally processed (and by that i mean just generally cooked) foods. just by sheer volume of food to calorie ratio.

    there are 270 calories in a serving of twinkies. you eat them, and you are going to feel sugar rush, sugar crash and STILL feel hungry as if you haven't eaten anything at all. and as far as essential nutrients go? you haven't

    there are 278 calories in this overnight oats recipe for example but not only it will be far more satiating, it's also far more nutritious and keeps you full longer.

    what you put into your body - matters. its not all calorie cutting when it comes down to practical and SUSTAINABLE rather then theoretical. its making sure your body's needs are filled while you do it.

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    is there a way to lose weight while still drinking alcohol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    is there a way to lose weight while still drinking alcohol?
    yes. drink less of it.

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    A lot of think about in here. Thank you everyone for your advice. I think I'd rather do it slow and steady so that I can minimize excess skin. Idk if it's possible for someone my size to lose 150 to 200 be pounds and not have a bunch of skin anyways, but I'm willing to give it a shot. My biggest fear is how bad I'll look at the beach with all of that extra skin hanging.
    This guy talks about managing loose skin:

    Basic take away is to moisturize areas of concern. Daily lotion, moisturizing body washes, w/e. It takes time, but you can focus on having healthier skin and improving its "elasticity."

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    is there a way to lose weight while still drinking alcohol?
    Depends what you drink, and how much. I used to drink cider, which I know isn't all that great for you with all the sulphates and sugar it has. But since I went on a diet I now drink white rum with sparkling flavoured water which is delicious and a little healthier. I only drink twice a week, which is what I was doing anyway before so I can still drink and lose weight, and so can you.

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