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    Quote Originally Posted by quras View Post
    I think there is a lot of truth in that.

    EA just isn't going to invest the amount of money needed to do anything with swtor. They are happy to ride it out till their contract ends in 2023. I have no doubt it makes enough to not shut the doors but 2023 is closing in.

    Like anthem, development will just eventually stop and while it kind of feels like that now it's so slow, EA will leave servers up and collect their monthly fees and cash shop fees and generally ignore swtor from then on. Which is likely the only reason anthem is still up and running as well. There is a chance someone still spends money to buy it or in the over priced cash shop.
    SWToR kind has already gone through that phase.

    There were 3 years between KotFE and Onslaught where they started just trickling out content in the form of flashpoints for the most part.
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    I do not think so. The Star Wars IP took a massive hit with the last trigoly. SW is nowhere near as popular as it used to be i am afraid.

    I played SWTOR at launch, and it was a fun mmo. Back then Bioware was still a good studio as well. The game suffered a lot from its technical issues and the limited number of races available though (blue human, red human, human, human with horns, human with tentacles..). No Jawa, no Wookies etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quras View Post
    Which is likely the only reason anthem is still up and running as well. There is a chance someone still spends money to buy it or in the over priced cash shop.
    That's very much not why. I highly doubt Anthem has generated enough revenue to even be statistically significant in a long time. They leave it up because it's a bad look to kill it so soon and the operating costs for a game without an active development team and a small server footprint (tiny population) are negligible. They lose more on the reputation from from a quick closure than they lose financially by keeping the game live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    It was simply not set up for success, at all. Sure it had the "BioWare Magic(tm)" and the Star Wars IP, but that was never going to be enough to account for the design issues present in the game that were pretty core to its foundation.
    What would you say those are?

    I only played it from around a month or two after launch up until a little after they announced they were going f2p. But during that time I enjoyed the game, I really only quit because I had a hard time finding a good guild with the game hemorrhaging players and I had finally found a great one and it dissolved the second they announced f2p + my friend was trying to convince me to join his wow guild to do their weekend raid.

    But I enjoyed the shit out of swtor, I honestly can't remember having any glaring "core" issues with the game. It just had bugs and needed some polish and a lot of that stuff got fixed over the course of me playing. Granted at the time I had quit wow and the last time I had touched an mmo was TBC, but swtor just seemed like an improvement by comparison.

    It was really the only time I've ever played an mmo where I actually enjoyed making alts because of the 8 storylines basically being 8 different lil rpg's I got to experience. I revisited it for a few days more recently and at least the questing felt like it held up.

    I have no idea where they went with the game after the Denova raid though.
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    As a fan of SWTOR, no for multiple reasons.

    1) The engine itself has always been a hassle since they bought the alpha version of it.
    2) EA no longer has exclusive rights to the Star Wars license, so while they'll keep SWTOR going as long as they can, they are unlikely to double down on the investment on such an older title
    3) Bioware team who made it is long since gone
    4) Bioware itself is on a short leash currently proverbially. They were on top of the world when they made SWTOR. Now? They don't really command the clout in the gaming world to ask EA for another hundred million

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