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    Lightbound Orc and Alteraci Human Allied Race suggestion

    Haven't seen much of Lightbound Orc posts yet so I made my own (will add pictures and stuff soon to make this post lively, else I'd probably draw them myself)

    Lightbound Orc (Alliance)

    Mag'har Orcs who turned away from their savagery and brute culture and instead moved on to join the Lightforged Draenei and to serve the light, these (not so) honorable warriors pledge to spread the teachings of the Naaru to everyone they meet. These Orcs also assist the Lightbound Army in purging all they see as evil, be it Fel or Void. Today, after pledging to the Alliance following their lethargy from Yrel's defeat - they are still committed to their cause but they have also learned to be tolerant with the nature of their comrades. But alongside the Church of the Holy Light, they are still wary of all Void Elves (and Illidari and Warlocks)

    Like Turalyon, the Lightbound Orcs' infusion with the Light also made them immortal and slowed down their aging process

    Lightbound Orc Class Options:


    Lightbound Orcs are strong fighters infused with the Light, their fanaticism knew no bounds. Nobody expects the Lightbound Crusade


    While they have abandoned their rage and savagery, they can still choose to prefer being specialized in conventional combat


    First seen with the Shadowmoon Priests, the Lightbound Orcs also have priests who had been invaluable to their crusade


    While most prefer to use their strong muscles and to call on the power of the Light, some would prefer to stay in the backline to strike from afar or to flank from the sides


    The Draenei have taught their Orc pupils the way of the Arcane, and so the Lightbound Orcs will also choose being a mage as an option

    Lightbound Orc Suggested Unlock Questline:

    Yrel and her Lightbound arrive on Azeroth after Alternate Draenor eventually breaks, and their ships makes a crash landing in Azshara (Draka sabotaged their vessel before the Lightbound eventually captured and killed her). They wage war towards those who aren't believers of the Light and those who have different traditions and cultures as them. Eventually, Geyarah and Baine asks the Alliance for help despite Turalyon's hesitation (Alleria reminded him of her and the Void Elves, Night Elves, and Kul Tirans). The adventurer also seeks out Khadgar in Karazhan and Dalaran for help and so later on Khadgar finally meets Yrel again and asks her to stop her crusade. Yrel adamantly refuses and she then insults Turalyon and Fareeya for tolerating the Void Elves and those of different faiths. She also berates the Blood Elves for allying themselves with the non-believers and she calls the Sunwalkers and Prelates as "blasphemous".

    Yrel is eventually killed in the encounter after her stubborn and foolhardy crusade. The surviving Lightbound eventually stands down and surrenders. Exarch Garrosh Hellscream later on offers to make amends for the Alliance given that the Horde will never accept them. Turalyon agrees but he also warns that the Lightbound remain tolerant of everyone in Azeroth and be less radical and so he absorbs the Lightbound Draenei to his fold and the Lightbound Orcs are free to be led by Exarch Garrosh. Exarch Garrosh offers to claim the defunct Horde settlements in Ashenvale and Azuremyst Isles near Exodar, so he could help the Night Elves fully reclaim their territories again. The adventurer then guides the Lightbound Draenei to Turalyon and Fareeya to welcome them in their ranks. Then he goes back to Exarch Garrosh to help him make amends to the Horde and reflect that the Mag'har will never accept his people in their ranks, and so he later on makes his decision to join the Alliance. Finally, he arrives at the Alliance Embassy where he pledges himself and his people to their cause,

    He also makes some slight banter with Danath, Vereesa, Jaina and Alleria

    Lightbound Orc Probable Outposts:

    1. Bloodmyst Isle

    The new main base of operations, the Lightbound offers an extra reinforcements for the Night Elves.

    2. Zoram'gar Outpost

    Following the Horde's defeat in Darkshore, Zoram'gar has also fallen from the Army of the Black Moon. The Lightbound captured it and turned it into a harbor leading towards Azuremyst Isle.

    Lightbound Orc Probable NPCs:

    1. High Exarch Garrosh Hellscream

    An example to his people, a traitor to the Mag'har. Exarch Hellscream now acts as the leader of the Lightbound after Yrel was defeated and the Lightbound were left leaderless without her

    Below are purely my suggested NPCs. I would prefer if they are sweet ironies - evil orcs in Warcraft 3 who would be the polar opposites of their alternate selves

    2. Anchorite Mazrigos

    In WC3 he was a powerful Warlock who helped lead the Blackrock Clan. His alternate self is that of a Priest Trainer

    3. Exarch Venim Iceblade

    In WC3 he was a lich who oversaw the assaults in Hearthglen while also being one of the taskmasters of the plagued grain in Lordaeron. His alternate self is that of a Paladin Trainer

    4. Rage Winterchill

    In WC3 he was an extremely powerful lich who could also release powerful bots of death. He helped assault Mount Hyjal with Anetheron and Azgalor. His alternate self is that of a Mage Trainer

    5. Exarch Malkorok

    He was one of Garrosh Hellscream's lieutenants in the True Horde. His alternate self is that of a high ranking leader of the Lightbound

    6. Ras Splinterlight

    In WC3 he was an orc shaman who got his "spine splintered" and earned the name Ras Splinterspine as a lich. He was one of those who saw Arthas and Ner'zhul as weak leaders and joined the Dreadlord Insurgents. His alternate self is that of a Warrior Trainer

    Lightbound Orc vs. Mag'har Orc:

    While Mag'har orcs are simply orcs without green skin, Lightbound Orcs have glowing gold eyes. Their skin customization also includes glowing light runes for further distinction.

    Their racial mount is a radiant grey-ish wolf also with glowing gold eyes. It's collar and bracers are that of Draenei design.


    Since the Lightbound Orc is an Alliance offshoot reskin of the literal face of the Horde, of course it's only right that their counterpart should also be a literal polar opposite, that is - the face of the Alliance as a Horde Allied Race - Alteraci Human


    Alteraci Human (Horde)

    It should be noted that although their leadership is mostly Alteraci, this is actually a union of human groups who are fed up with the Alliance and would rather want nothing to do with them

    Alteraci (or Rogue) Humans are those who seeks to break away from the Alliance, mostly due to neglect and/or safety. Some are still bitter from the Alliance killing their relatives, their homes and properties, and their national identities. They seek alliance with the Horde as a means to achieve sense of safety and insurance in any case of an attack from the Alliance. They can be great spies for the Horde as they can easily blend in within the Alliance's ranks and they have mastered the art of stealth and adaptation

    In the Dark Lady chapter in WC3X, the Mercenary Camps were colored orange, which greatly implies that the bandits were from Alterac. The Warcraft RPG also says that the Alteraci managed to loot Lordaeron while it was being Scourged; although it's now non-canon, there are no other sources that disprove this otherwise.

    Beyond here's is purely made from my headcanon

    After the Alliance of Lordaeron destroyed Alterac as a Kingdom, some Alteraci peasants and masons offered to make amends by helping rebuild Stormwind. But since the House of Nobles were manipulated to refuse to give due payment, they became what is known as the Defias Brotherhood

    After the Burning Legion and the Scourge's defeat at Lordaeron, the Blackthorn bandits witnessed Sylvanas and the Forsaken murder Garithos and his men and so they decided not to cross her. Lord Blackthorn instead approached her and gave her thanks for saving his men who were just about to get cornered by the Legion's undead and so they departed from Lordaeron. Like the Ravenholdt, they are at odds against the Syndicate, and so they decided to just ditch Alterac as well. They raided Southshore and stole the last ships there and sailed somewhere else instead. (This was also a great opportunity for the Syndicate to ransack Southshore and assassinate the Magistrate there)

    Off-screen, Sylvanas' Valkyr occasionally visits the Blackthorn Bandits to raise their dead as Forsaken as gratitude for them in their assistance in the Third War and on the Lordaeronian Forsaken's covert operations.

    Presently they are a discreet pirate group consisting of Ogres, Humans, and Forsaken roaming around Zul'dare (their main base of operations after it was abandoned by the Horde and the Alliance) and just around Booty Bay.

    While the Alteraci has no problem working together with Orcs and Blood Elves, the Alteraci Forsaken still harbors hatred from the Lordaeron Forsaken, like the Torturer Wroth. Such irony of Lordaeronians torturing and executing Alteraci soldiers for working with the Old Horde while they are also working with the Horde currently. The Alteraci also considers the Stormwindians and the Stromics their mortal enemies.

    I refuse to acknowledge the Vrykul design of bandits in Reforged

    Alteraci Human Class Options:


    In WC3 the Bandit Lords are retextured Knights, which implies that they were Paladins from Alterac given their skills (Divine Shield and Devotion Aura). The new generation of Alteraci Paladins could be integrated with the Blood Knights as well


    Staple Class for all Humans


    While there were rogue Paladins, it's not far-fetched to assume that there were also rogue Priests. In WC3 we also see some bandit Shadow Priests such as Deceivers and Heretics.


    Staple Class for all Humans


    Staple Class for all Humans


    The Alteraci are also masters of stealth, assassinations, and banditry; given their entire identity is based on being rogues and outlaws


    Being a group of outlaws, everything is permissible, even if it means briging literal demons to join your bandit gang


    The Alteraci managed to make a symbiotic Alliance with the Frostwolf Clan, and so some of them took in to shamanism

    Alteraci Human Suggested Unlock Questline:

    After Sylvanas' defeat at Orgrimmar, one of the Horde's loyal Dark Rangers (or probably one of the pre-Cata Forsaken) ha a request to you: to seek out the former Blackthorn allies of Sylvanas and recruit them to the Horde before Sylvanas takes them for herself. Lor'themar is having second thoughts because he recalls many of his comrades being assassinated and slaughtered in Tarren Mill in the Second War; but Eitrigg tells him that they had no choice back then as they were virtually held hostage by the demon-infused Orgrimm and they didn't want to risk their entire kingdom getting slaughtered in exchange; he also recalls that abandoning the Alteraci when they needed the Horde in return of assisting them was also one of his greatest regrets, as Orgrimm himself saw Alteraci Footmen, Knights, Mages, Priests, and even resisting civilians getting cut down by the Stromgarde army. Thalyssra also reminded that the Horde is supposed to be mending its wounds like how the Nightborne did after the sacking of Elisande

    The character travels to Zul'dare to attempt to negotiate with Lord Blackthorn but the people there say he's in his flagship near Booty Bay.

    Then the character goes to Booty Bay and spots the flagship on the sea fighting some Kul Tiran vessels. The character would conveniently spot a boat and use it to reach the flagship and aid the Ogre and Forsaken pirates fighting the Alliance. After the battle is over, Lord Blackthorn (now a Forsaken) and a suddenly-and-conveniently-inserted-young-Perenolde appears to the character and so the character states his intentions. Lord Blackthorn expresses his dismay that Sylvanas would go the same path as Arthas did and she is no longer the savior that the Blackthorn bandits looked up to. He also realizes that this is the reason why the Val'kyr stopped coming to them. While the young Perenolde expresses of joining the Horde to help deal with the increasing Alliance attacks, Lord Blackthorn says that their numbers are too few to be able to contribute anything for the Horde, and so Perenolde also thought of pooling all the other human bandits that are against the Alliance, as well as taking in some unsatisfied Stormwind citizens.

    The character then goes around Azeroth to rally willing allies - Vanessa VanCleef and the Defias remnants - Captain Owings and the Fogsail Pirates - the disgruntled Westfall and Redridge farmers and homeless having enough of hunger - Kira Iresoul for being a former Alteraci citizen and for infiltrating the Argus Wake - Jorach Ravenholdt for being a former Alteraci noble and the Ravenholdt - some Syndicate Turncoats - and promise them safety and insurance in the Horde

    But before they officially join, the character goes to Alterac Valley and defeat the last of the Syndicate - Darbel Montrose, Singed, and a small paltry force of Syndicates - as well as the last few Stormpikes who remained. Some Alteraci masons appear and begin rebuilding the city; and then the character travels to the Frostwolf Enclave to assure Drek'thar of the forged alliance of the Alteraci to the Horde.

    Later on, Lord Blackthorn and Perenolde appear to the Grommash Hold to introduce himself as the leader of the Alteraci Humans; Baine, Rok'han, Thrall, Eitrigg, Geya'rah, Voss, Thalyssra, Velonara, and Mayla welcome him but Lor'themar remains skeptic. Perenolde then assured that he will help bridge gaps and ease the pain between the Blood Elves and the Alteraci, just as how the Orcs and the Blood Elves did.

    Bonus: the death knight Isiden Perenolde expressed his dismay of the Alteraci joining the Horde and so he sought out and rallied some few Alteraci who would join the Alliance and so he represents the Alliance loyalist Alteraci (this is more of a callback to the Silver Covenant), and he aids Raleigh and the Silver Hand in clearing Southshore and using it as a staging ground against Alterac and the Horde.

    Alteraci Human Probable Outposts:

    1. Alterac City

    While most of the rogue Humans lived in warm climates, they do not really mind taking the snowy mountains as their homeland

    2. Zul'dare

    An abandoned Troll Island Fortress then later abandoned by both Alliance and Horde. It is now an island fortress owned by the Alteraci for the Horde

    3. Strahnbrad

    Northern border of Alterac, a wall of orcish design is erected near it with a gate as a precaution of attacks coming from Chilwind Camp and/or the Hinterlands

    4. Tarren Mill and Durnholde

    Former Alteraci territories claimed by the Alliance after the Second War, the Alteraci asserted ownership of them and rebuilt them against the Forsaken design.

    5. Some farmsteads near Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, and Moon Guard Stronghold

    Those who prefer not to fight can be assigned to farm and tend the livestock instead. These places are suitable in any case of Alliance raids.

    Strategic Point of Alterac

    With Gilneas and Stromgarde reclaimed by the Alliance, the Kingdom of Alterac will be a boon to the Horde to block and help delay the advance of the Alliance going north in the Eastern Kingdoms with Durnholde, Southshore all the way to Strahnbrad in their territories. The elder Forsaken Alteraci knows the land and terrain very well, and so they can easily put the Alliance to disadvantage

    The Alteraci in Horde political climate

    Shadowlands SpoilersThe Alteraci will definitely support Talanji, Rohan, and Geya'rah in their vengeance campaign against the Alliance because the people of Alterac has 30 years worth of revenge waiting against Stromgarde, Kul Tiras, Dwarves, and High Elves.

    Alteraci Human Probable NPCs:

    1. Lord Blackthorn

    The leader of the Blackthorns, although he is a Forsaken, he is also the official leader of the Alteraci Humans. He oversees in every direction they are leading and he is the one who has the main power to everyone.

    2. Prince insert-name-here Perenolde

    Although he is royalty, he is a mere figurehead and his "leadership" is simply coming from Lord Blackthorn. Lord Blackthorn has a very good friendship with him since he was still alive and he also considers himself the prince's personal bodyguard aside from being the actual leader

    3. Lord Jorach Ravenholdt

    The leader of the Ravenholdt, being the last remaining nobleman of Alterac. He offers support for the Alteraci and he converted his manor into a village for his people. He also leads the rogue body in Alterac

    4. Kira Iresoul

    Having infiltrated the Argus Wake and the Syndicate. She offers support for the Alteraci as their Warlock leader

    5. Vanessa Vancleef

    The leader of the Defias Brotherhood, she agreed to assimilate her group with the Blackthorns and later the Alteraci with the promise of making the Stormwind Nobility pay for their injustice

    6. Captain Owings

    The leader of the Fogsail Freebooters, she agreed to assimilate her pirate group to the Alteraci with the promise of insurance and protection from the Horde against the Alliance - particularly the Kul Tirans

    7. "Silvermoon" Harry

    Upon hearing that some rebel humans joined the Horde, he also went out of his way to leave his girlfriend behind to be with the Alteraci. He aims to be a full-fledged Blood Knight

    8. Kris Legace

    The friendly shop vendor rejoins her people and formally joins the Horde as well

    9. Master Ryson

    Seeing that the Syndicate isn't doing so well and that they have no proper progress, he took his own followers and ditched the Syndicate to join the Blackthorns instead. He is now Lord Blackthorn's second-in-command

    Alteraci vs. Stormwindian vs. Gilnean vs. Kul Tiran:

    Given that the other three has a distinction among themselves (Gilnean being Worgen and hairier in human form, Kul Tiran being thicker, Stormwindian being average), a suggested way of distinction is that the playable Alteraci Human be young adults (around 18-19 compared to Stormwindians looking like 25-30). Another suggested distinction is Alteraci Humans having golden/green eyes as a rite of passage presented by the Blood Elves to formally join the Horde.

    Their mount would be a horse equipped with the armor similar to the Bandit Lord in Reforged (again, I refuse to acknowledge the Vrykul design of its rider)

    (It's not too many Human races if this one is on the Horde side now)

    any other suggestions and criticisms would be accepted
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    The Alliance gets the Horde's most popular race. The Horde should get the Horde's most popular race in return. Alteraci Humans for the Horde!

    My Lightbound Orc and Alteraci Human suggestion thread

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    I doubt Blizzard would ever allow Alliance Orcs and Horde Humans since those races are so ingrained in their respective faction's identity

    As an idea? It certainly works and it's way better than mechagnomes
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    Orcs on Alliance and Humans on Horde? I like the way you think. If they're not going to do away with the stupid faction division, I say shit all over tradition and faction line!

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    Well you put a lot of thought and effort in these ideas. Would be neat, but I doubt Blizzard would do it.
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    I say fuck it let's do it, it's gonna make horde players so angry, they're already upset that people want Alliance High Elves, imagine if the Alliance got their most blood and thunder race
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    im not a druid
    Since AR's are meant to be tied/relevant to the story, it's hard to see these coming out in Shadowlands. It would've worked in BfA. Maybe in 10.0, if it's a 'return to kalimdor/EK' world revamp expansion.

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    While the Lightbound orcs is theoretically possible if we assume Blizzard allows the poster race for each faction on the otehr one, i cannot see the logic behind disenfranchised humans joining the Horde. A select group, maybe. But i would imagine those humans unhappy with Alliance leadership would recognize the Horde as the problem behind it. Though then again, if the Bloodelves can somehow join the Horde, then i guess anyone can.

    On a separate not, i cannot see either Jorach Ravenholt or Vanessa siding with the Horde. Both because alignign themselves with a faction seems to go against their interests. Jorach especially, being the leader of a hidden order of assassins.
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    Meh...nice work OP, but personally I am sick of adding small cosmetic stuff and call it a new race (yeah...technically Allied race) - even if this is a faction crossover.

    Lightforged Draenei, Highmountain Tauren....etc..just meh. I am actually impressed that posters rage about so much stuff...but hardly about those "lazy" additions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    I say fuck it let's do it, it's gonna make horde players so angry, they're already upset that people want Alliance High Elves, imagine if the Alliance got their most blood and thunder race
    Alliance too. I can see them night elf fans crying about orcs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
    If you are suggesting to take my Night Elfs Shadowmeld away, then please find some pike to run yourself through, tyvm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix123mko View Post
    Alliance too. I can see them night elf fans crying about orcs.
    Maybe, but they'd not be the same orcs so I'm not sure they'd mind.
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    I see you put a lot of effort into this and I don't mean to be in any way demeaning of it, but I personally am sick and tired of this faction swapping. There is no freaking point in factions anyway if both factions basically have the same races. Just do away with Horde and Alliance.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    when i learned anythin from mmo-c then it is that shit is only bad when the horde does it
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Baine is like the most unlikeable character you are supposed to like.

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    Unless they change the starting level from 20 to 90-100, allied races are only there to get people to stop playing.

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    Okay I should probably note that AU Garrosh was never born, Exarch Hellscream is basically Garrosh's little brother
    I could see it happening potentially as both have an aesthetic niche that isn't filled on either faction, unlikely but still has potential

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    Orcs on Alliance and Humans on Horde? I like the way you think. If they're not going to do away with the stupid faction division, I say shit all over tradition and faction line!
    We've had Horde humans and Alliance orcs in the RPG books before.
    The most difficult thing for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back. The second most is to receive something they didn't want or ask for and be grateful for it, not immediately demand what they wanted instead.

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    Yrel and Exarch Hellscream will most likely be villains in a future Light expansion. That could even happen after Shadowlands. If I am not mistaken, one of the Void whispers is "The Light has made a pact with the enemy of all (Death)".

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    I am actually impressed that posters rage about so much stuff...but hardly about those "lazy" additions.
    There is a fair share of complaints whenever the topic comes up but for most people ARs are just stuff on the side and don't define the game itself, since they are mostly divorced from gameplay. If you like your character the only thing you get out of them is a mount for doing the quest and otherwise you are left the choice of giving Blizzard money to change your character into an AR or throw all your current progress in the wind and start over. Neither option is particularily attractive imho.
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    I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally LOVE the "fluid factions" concept, but given what blizz already stated I'm sure it'll never be done. I'd actually like for them to allow anyone to change faction at will. that would be better even for RP purposes.
    ...that's just my opinion, anyway.

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    Would only work if the faction conflict returned as a major plot point, and please: Let it die.

    I also can find no indication that the Liches you mention were Orcs in life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Etoo View Post
    Unless they change the starting level from 20 to 90-100, allied races are only there to get people to stop playing.
    In Shadowlands they literally are doing this, even better - to 110. After squish BfA zones will be only option if it's your first character ever - so level 10-50 must be doable in these 3 leveling zones. And ARs start at level 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanyel View Post
    Would only work if the faction conflict returned as a major plot point, and please: Let it die.

    I also can find no indication that the Liches you mention were Orcs in life
    While I don't know about these specific ones, the first Liches actually were Orcs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    when i learned anythin from mmo-c then it is that shit is only bad when the horde does it
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Baine is like the most unlikeable character you are supposed to like.

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