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  • Simply I don't (It's all fake news, I only trust Trump)

    5 16.13%
  • Yes, if I know their sources and understand their agenda.

    16 51.61%
  • Barely More than Random News Facts Facebook,YouTube etc.

    10 32.26%
  • Only if I check it against some guy on YouTube, or anonymous group.

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    How much do I trust MSM?

    A hell of a lot more than any of these alternative media sources everyone uses when they cry about MSM and it turns out 99.99999999999999% of the time these alternative media sources are nothing more than far left/right conspiracy theory sites that have no link to reality in this universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otaXephon View Post
    I don't which is why I get my news information from Big Money Salvia.

    ....aaaaand post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Break The Ice View Post
    I only trust Fox news and russia today
    Isn't Fox news a entertainment division company in the corp structure and even given the ability by court decision in the past to lie?
    While I also check RT myself time to time I know what I am reading is Russian state sponsored or backed propaganda. But I visit various news sites (CNN, MSNBC, RT, BBC, Al Jazzera to name a few left and right) and try to critically think for myself what may be happening. Fox though.... fake news.

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    Ofcourse i trust most main stream news, aside from Fox News and the league of evil they are a part of Most news stations are way too busy to make up fake things all the time, so i rarely find reason to distrust them.

    That said, if they show numbers or graphs, its only natural to look at their source and see how they made use of the found research But then again, i rarely need anything other than a broad overview of the world, not a 100% true picture of everything.
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    At a high level, I trust most of them to be in the right ballpark. They'll accurately report simple facts like earthquakes, arrests, etc.

    However, I don't trust them for anything controversial. I almost never watch news anymore since it is more about the spectacle and rarely about nuanced news. I do read a great deal of things, but mostly from individual reporters that consistently provide complete information (I have stopped following several that have gotten worse, and I've picked up a few new ones that have demonstrated solid grasp of nuance).

    In the list you've provided, most are fine until they start diving into politics...expect Fox News which is just a slightly more respectable version of Breitbart or Info Wars. Unfortunately, most of them spend entirely too much time with politics because it is the cheapest thing to report on and provides the most engagement for their audience (and thus can charge more for advertising).

    Finding out the truth takes a tremendous amount of time and reading. It also requires that you challenge the math to verify that 2 + 2 does indeed equal 4...and when you have done that verification, you'll have to accept that the answer is indeed 4 and not 3 or 5 like you really wanted it to be. Far many people don't challenge the math or accept that the answer is 3 or 5 because that is the answer they were driving too all along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aehl View Post

    "Simply I don't (It's all fake news, I only trust Trump)"

    is a loaded answer. Do better.
    Agree. There are many on the far left who despise Trump and don't trust the MSM either.

    The MSM are generally more factual but the lues are harder to notice because of that. It is easy to dismiss fake news as fake news because it is transparently hyperbolic. It has no impact because only a moron would believe it. Yet most people accept MSM stories as pure fact without question. Well, Biden supporters anyway. They have absolutely no idea how many of their assumptions are based on false media narratives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Amadeus View Post
    How much do you Trust Mainstream News Media?

    I trust them as far as their motives which is ratings and feeding their bottom line $$$$$$$ However I only trust actual journalist whether they are biased or not.

    Journalist make mistakes but they have a duty to the truth and not to outright make shit up.

    Where do you get your news you rely on from and would you say Facebook,Twitter and YouTube are now part of the Mainstream Media News or Not?


    Twitter for the latest stuff.
    I don't trust any single news source, the only way I can fact check their stories it comparing them to other news sources, even then some one will pick up a bullshit story and others news agencies pick it up and spread it around. I definitely don't trust youtubers, but sometimes they do bring things to my attention and when I research it and find it's true I will usually share the legit source and not the youtube video.

    Just recently people were spreading the bullshit story that a Poll Finds 38% of Americans Say They Will Not Drink Corona Beer Because of Virus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unbound View Post
    Finding out the truth takes a tremendous amount of time and reading. It also requires that you challenge the math to verify that 2 + 2 does indeed equal 4...and when you have done that verification, you'll have to accept that the answer is indeed 4 and not 3 or 5 like you really wanted it to be. Far many people don't challenge the math or accept that the answer is 3 or 5 because that is the answer they were driving too all along.
    99% of people on here. Often, it is almost impossible to find the truth even if you do that.

    If I were a right-wing billionaire I'd set up a media company that was completely factual in nature. But, I'd have an agenda that was slightly more biased to the right. So, you report more about, say, immigration than healthcare. You don't even have to be biased about either, just talking about topics where the right has a natural edge would be enough to significantly influence the public. Virtually everyone would be convinced the network was impartial.

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    Not much. All of them including the ones that support my beliefs are too one sided. There may be truth in some of the things they talk about but most of the time it's just pandering.
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    i don't trust draenei media at all. i get my news from the elf report. all those lies about alleria they spread.
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    The second one and it is rather interesting that a large group of people here shout don't trust the MSM! But they'll eat up any and all information from a random youtuber, social media buffoon, simply because they sing their tune.

    When it comes to news, when it comes to complex issues. Always keep in mind one single rule, when a complicated issue arises and a person, a speaker, salesmen, politician 'expert' claims they have the solution to it all and the solution is far too simple and easy, it is always a lie, a scam...

    It is however why populists as trump become popular, understanding these issues takes a lot of time and effort that in today's high speed information society we rarely have.

    Personally i have decided to follow news and politics a whole lot less and in return i am a far happier person not getting too pre-occupied with matters that i can't directly control, also no longer registered with a political party.

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    I don't think you can trust any source in the abstract "This person speaks the truth" sense; you can only absorb as much information as you can handle and make sense of and be aware of what peoples angle is, who do they work for, whose interests to they serve and what colors their perception.

    Generally my rule of thumb is to go with people who have less vested interests to serve; especially for news analysis and a kind of "What is the meta take away from all this random chaos?"

    That and just be aware of vested interests when consuming the news and also always ask "What isn't getting reported and why?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gundrapal View Post
    Financial scandals mainly. If a bank rips off customers the MSM do not want to know about it because they depend more on the support of financiers than the public.

    People think this is a left/right issue. It is not. That left/right prism allows the MSM to get away with murder.
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