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    if you waited till 30 to be an adult vs young adult you waited to long anyways....

    that said if you are healthy and working out keep on it, and be ready in the next few years that you may slow down a bit on the runs, knees might start to hurt, and recovering from a night out might take an extra hour or so. All depends on you though. For me, it was 32 that my body was like nope no more youthful energy but my life also fell apart that year so that could be why vs age...
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    Am I the only one who thinks that hitting 'actual adulthood' at 30 is insanely late in the game?
    I feel like it has a lot to do with people who either moved back in with parents after college because they could not find a job that would support them in the field they chose, or ending up with roommates well into their late 20's because the housing market in their area was so borked they couldn't afford to live on their own. Couple this with the hook up culture that blossomed in the last 5-10 years and you have a generation of people who never really hit the milestones of "bought my first house" or "we got an apartment together" that denote that feeling of 'actual adulthood' for many.
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    Now this is just blatant trolling, at least before you had the credibility of maybe being stupid.
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    Sometimes you gotta stop sniffing used schoolgirl panties and start being a fucking samurai.

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    I had children.

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    Stupidest shit I've done that was age related was when I dating a guy who wasn't even 21 yet and I was 30.

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    I'm freaking out about turning 30 and I think I'm having a legit breakdown.

    Anyone care to share stories about stupid shit you did when you realized you are getting older?
    Consider yourself lucky about this being your only concern when you are turning 30. My mom passed away from a heart attack exactly 1 month before I turned 30 so I wasn't exactly in the celebrating mood when my 30th came around.

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    A breakdown about turning 30? Talk about a self-made problem...

    Who gives a shit how many times the Earth has traveled around the Sun while you've been alive? You're still you and the world is still as shitty as it was yesterday, get a hold of yourself and suffer in peace like the rest of us.

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