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    Tips to go vegetarian

    So I've eaten meat all of my life (currently 26). Due to personal beliefs I'm really considering going vegetarian.

    I'm inept when it comes to cooking and usually buy my food. This is why I've mostly been reluctant to switch. But I want to make a bigger effort.

    Any tips?

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    Yeah, dont just stop eating meat. Ween yourself off it slowly. Makes it easier to deal with cravings.
    Also eat more Fish.

    Try Vegetarian Salami. The better quality ones taste exactly like the real thing with a bit different texture.

    Chopped up Mushrooms fried in butter, can make a somewhat of a replacement for Ground Beef.
    The Beyond Burger, Incredible feel and taste like real beef.
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    I'd have thought if you're buying most of your food pre-made then simply "buy more of the vegetarian options" and ween yourself off like that would be even easier as you can make the buying decision at a time when your willpower is particularly high, and then the choice of "going out to shop for something else or ordering delivery" or just "microwaving a veggie ready meal" should be easier to make when your will power is lower.

    I've never done the switch myself, best of luck.
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    Try Indian, plenty of vegetarian dishes that are so God damn tasty.

    Western Vegetarian dishes just suck generally.

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    Maybe consider continuing with seafood for a bit. Depending on the exact beliefs you're referring to, you may find that there are quite a few sea creatures that would satisfy requirements for avoiding eating things that are "too smart". In particular I'm thinking of things like oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops. Depending on exactly what you think, shrimp, lobsters, and crabs could plausibly be on the menu as well. These are all delicious (IMO anyway) and can help give you a much richer meal than the same thing without a seafood broth or a couple scallops.

    Also, as @Daedius said, get yourself an Indian cookbook. Likewise, think about Thai and Indonesian vegetarian recipes as well. Western recipes tend to rely on animal fats to flavor meals (obviously delicious) and wind up just being uninteresting when you strip out meat. Don't bother with the fake meats too much, they mostly aren't any good still and you'll be happier eating something like a chickpea curry that was intended to be delicious with veggies than something that's doing a shitty job of pretending to be a turkey dinner.

    Include plenty of lentils and beans - you're going to need quality proteins and relevant vitamins from somewhere and these will handle that and add a ton of body to a meal.

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    don't do a hard-switch. incorporate vegetarian diets gradually. for example with one or several meat-free days a week.
    And dependant on what take you have on vegetarianism, eggs and dairy can be fine too. in which things like halloumi can add quite a lot to the meal, and vegetable omelettes is great.

    Some meat substitutes can be great for some dishes that would traditionally contain meat, but i would never personally suggest eating mock-steak and such (e.g things that mimic a cut of meat. mock-duck/seitan is great in its own, but i wouldnt call it a meat substitute). but there's some fine minced alternatives out there where you wont notice a difference if its used in things like pasta bolognese, lasagna etc.

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    take a pan with a bit of oil (olive plis), put in chili pepper and origan and warm up. then cut tofu (not the soft ones) in little cubes, put in. stir-fry until its a bit cooked and add soy sauce and corn. then wait until the soy dry up and the tofu is cooked.
    you can add before the tofu even carrots and zucchini (they need more time to cook).
    now you can use it whenever you want, its an awesome base for a lot of dishes: rice, sandwiches, piadinas/taco, with a bit of changes even pasta
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarohk
    I'm inept when it comes to cooking and usually buy my food.
    Level up cooking. That will expand your options and you'll end up enjoying the food more. With specialized kitchen gadgets like an instant pot it is probably easier than ever to start with simple dishes.

    CAUTION: There are different styles of tofu that need different approaches, just as there are differences in wines.
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    DO: Buy veggies.

    DONT: Buy meat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarohk View Post
    So I've eaten meat all of my life (currently 26). Due to personal beliefs I'm really considering going vegetarian.

    I'm inept when it comes to cooking and usually buy my food. This is why I've mostly been reluctant to switch. But I want to make a bigger effort.

    Any tips?
    If you are quiting for ethical reasons or environmental reasons, you're actually better off quitting dairy. Dairy is a much more cruel industry and it wreaks havoc on the environment.

    Personally, I'm vegan, so I've given it all up, and they way i did the meat portion, was to give it up a little a time. Like first I gave up all pig products, then cow products, then turkey and finally chicken. I was never a fan of seafood, so if you are, that could come after chicken.

    If you want to go vegan, give up dairy and eggs first before the meat. Not only are these worse industries, but they are actually harder to quit than meat. Plus they are ingredients in everything. Like a lot of salt and vinegar chips, for example, have milk products in them for some reason.
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    Careful about veggie "meat." More often than not your trading a good protein source for a unhealthy load of sodium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Careful about veggie "meat." More often than not your trading a good protein source for a unhealthy load of sodium.
    I ton more sodium, like 75mg vs 300-400mg, and that's for the real good ones

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    Yep what others have said take it slowly don't go cold turkey your body has to get used to it, and in the mean time you'll have to learn ways to substitute that protein with a vegan or vegetarian substitute as someone who is actually doing that it's SOO hard.

    Out bodies have become soo addicted to sugar,cheese,meat, and more cheese, in a addition to salt, the first issues you will have will be flavoring, I had to drink lots of water, just water to try to settle this, you might even develop a lot of gas and what not, I did at first, but I am slowly starting to change.

    I still crave BEEF like you wouldn't believe, a nice New York Strip will still send my senses in over drive, however everything else, I have gotten used it.

    NOW I can almost taste the sugar and ingredients in foods I used to crave and NOW they are almost too much.

    As a result my health has improved, I didn't start doing it because I have problems, however my family DOES have High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity along with Alchoholism.

    I never had any of the above, but because I started at 39 about 2 years ago, my blood work and my personal experience has been amazing. It still a lot of work used to be in the yellow and green.

    Now all my vitals are green and great.

    I did lose muscle mass and working out also took getting used to, I had to put it in neutral on that a while and I still struggle..

    However make no mistake Protein especially MEAT has a LOT of properties that can and do make it easier in a lot of respects, I would say keeping weight on and muscle building would be one of the biggest.

    But I would rather trade off some muscle to get the gains I've gotten.

    I DO have meat very very once in a while as a treat, but honestly if the next year or years if I can go meatless, I'll be happy.

    My only concern and this would likely be for anyone who doesn't want to make children is how going completely meatless could effect that, I am going to be married soon, so that would be my only concern right now, as I haven't done as much research on that aspect.

    Again I'm not poo pooing meat, and if cloned meat or some substitute came along I might keep some meat, especially if, it's healthier as I mentioned, but MEAT for sure has SOME benefits that can be replaced by meatless diet, but is very difficult, especially if you eaten meat for 39 years.

    So Pros for me:

    More Energy, actually more strength
    Lower Blood Pressure, my A1C is well below the threshold.
    My Memory (short term) and Brain Functions have improved a bit.
    My Weight is very stable.

    The Cons for me?

    I lost muscle, my energy at first was low.
    I had a lot of gas. A little bloating that past
    It's hard for me to put back on some of the weight I lost, to try to build up more muscle.
    My Metabolism burns fat unlike any other time in my life, so again the weight.

    Keep in mind I don't eat meat often but I still have some Meat, such as Steak once in a while Gyros. Pepperoni Pizza, again once in great while as a treat
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    Best way to go vegetarian is to first cut off your own penis

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    I went cold turkey with no problems so I can’t say I have any advice for weening off but for eating out I tend to go for more bread based products or Indian foods mostly with potatoes and some type of curry.

    I’m also not willing to eat fish but if you are that gives you a ton of options as a lot of vegetarian still eat fish.

    There is also a rather large growing market for veggie meat at grocery stores and a lot of it you can just
    Slap in a microwave or oven for a bit and there ready to eat though quaility Varies greatly in my opinion.

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    Best way to go vegetarian is to first cut off your own penis
    That doesn’t seem productive.
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    If you’re sceptic, don’t do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AryuFate View Post
    If you’re sceptic, don’t do it.
    I just couldn't do it myself, love me some steak wayyyyy too much

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    I was vegetarian for about 6 months now. Switched back to meat last week.
    Even though I prepare most of my food, it's just that with vegetarian food, I'm unable to eat as varied as with meat.
    I think that eating varied meals makes you healthier than just eating vegetarian/vegan.
    Besides, I noticed no difference in weight, or energy, etc, from being vegan.
    I will, however, try to limit my meat intake (and I still love pulled Oomph and prefer it over red meat).

    I recommend you try being flexitarian first. For example, eat more veggies or eat vegetarian food home and meat outside.
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    she has a lot of very accessible recipes and her meal prep is very relaxed, so if you are worried about cooking your skills - this should help.

    you CAN buy vegetarian or vegan prepared food but not only it tends to be very expensive, its also way too processed and likely make you feel pretty bad.

    also, unless I'm getting my distinctions wrong (I don't believe so) - vegetarian still includes things like eggs, dairy and honey, so that should make it easier to get your daily protein.

    there are a lot of mock meats on the market that taste pretty great, but from my experience at least, they are not only ridiculously more expensive than even grass fed steak (at least at our local supermarket) but they for me at least really messed with my digestion. and before anyone says anything, while legumes are harder for my body to digest and technically those mock meats often tend to be legume based, I don't feel nearly as terrible when I just make my own stuff with lentils or beans, than when I tried eating commercial meat substitutes. if you have no issues with gluten - seitan is another great protein option. you can buy commercially made one, but its not that hard to make your own, you can control the flavor better and its much MUCH cheaper then buying ready made.

    but anyways. you are going to need to learn to cook. getting enough of certain nutrients on plant based diets can be more challenging, cooking is the best way to alleviate it without going broke or messing with your health too much. and.. supplements. b-12 is a must, unless you eat at least some animal products. iron might be advisable. omega-3 (you CAN get omega-3 from nuts and stuff, but its a "harder for human body to process" version so we don't get as much out of it). I think there is some other stuff that will require more careful watching.

    there is a possibility that your body may not handle going plant based very well. contrary to some claims its NOT a diet that will work great for everyone. but even just reducing your animal product consumption - still helps

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    Thanks for the above tips.

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