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    Quote Originally Posted by Barzotti View Post
    Considering the tier sets were, in 99% of the cases, a bland damage/healing/tanking increase, I vastly prefer the azerite system. Not perfect, but allows for more customization. Looks and trasmog don't matter to me. I honestly have a hard time understanding all the posts "give us tier sets back!" What was interesting about them, except cosmetics? They were just stat sticks like the stat sticks trinkets.
    Have you played BfA at all? Azerite traits are just flat ability increases, or are passive procs. They rarely have any impact on rotation, and those that do have too much of an impact usually sim low because of it. The primary difference between Azerite and Tier sets is that the latter is significantly easier to balance than the hodgepodge of random traits that have remained - mostly - the same for the entire expansion.
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    I love the idea of class-based tier sets aesthetically. I really don't like armor class based sets; I didn't in Tier 9 and I don't now. There are a lot of things about Blizzard to be critical about, but their art team was never one of them. Now I feel like they've taken resources from a place that was consistently putting out good work (even tier sets that weren't my taste still usually had obvious effort put into them) and the result is aggressively mediocrity in a place they've always excelled.

    As far as set bonuses, my feelings are less positive. They were nice when they were an interesting bonus that changed gameplay in a compelling way once you had collected the full set. However, on the opposite end they could be very frustrating if you had bad luck collecting sets as the bonuses were almost always a significant impact on DPS. It was also dumb wearing old tier sets in new raids just because the bonuses were too good even if the pieces themselves no longer were to be able to justify replacing them. On the other corner, you had those bonuses that were dumb and bland or worthless and specs that didn't give any fucks about their tier sets at all, which wasn't fun either.

    In order for me to be in favour of tier bonuses returning, it would have to be something like:
    (a) easier to get and more flexible for slots. Something like getting the bonuses with four slots filled but the set containing five or six pieces so you could choose between offset pieces and earn your bonus more quickly.
    (b) depreciated after that raid ended, so you didn't feel forced to wear old gear because the bonuses were too good.
    (c) actual interesting bonuses that impacted your gameplay and not boring setbonuses like X does more Y type shit.

    I don't see Blizzard actually ever doing that, so the best I can hope for is that they will again provide the art team the resources to create visual raid sets unique to each class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magical Mudcrab View Post
    Have you played BfA at all? Azerite traits are just flat ability increases, or are passive procs. They rarely have any impact on rotation, and those that do have too much of an impact usually sim low because of it. The primary difference between Azerite and Tier sets is that the latter is significantly easier to balance than the hodgepodge of random traits that have remained - mostly - the same for the entire expansion.
    Tier Sets have most of the time also not really impacted how you play the class. I can't tell you one out of my head. I don't even remember them.
    Streaking stars on the other hand is somethinf i propably will never forgett. Or Arcanic Pulsar.
    Balance Druids and Unholy DKs at least are heavily impacted by azerite traits.

    Azerite System, while flawed, is way more interestig than tier-set boni.

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    No to the tier set system - and no to the current system.
    Tier sets just take a lot of gear choices - just like in diablo 3.

    There needs to be a better solution. Let`s take corruptions and make them collectable / enchantable to some of your gear. you could make your own items based on the fight / content you are doing. Want some aoe ? get a twilight devastation - like enchanted gear piece etc.

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    I don't like tier sets because it's unfun to get half my gear slots locked out from upgrades. Especially when you use previous tier instead of the new one due to better effects.

    However, keeping the current system implies the trash RNG Azerite? Nobody wants that.

    What I would like is options and choice that are increased based on your accomplishments and effort, not based on RNG. Upgrades through the tiers and special effects on items that enhance and change your gameplay, like the Legion legendäres, not passive procs that you forget about and do 30% of your performance. Certainly not big sets that work together and prevent you from using the gear slots for an year.

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    I miss tier sets for the visual part of it. Neither of the cloth/leather/mail/plate sets from any of the raids in BFA ended up looking as cool or unique as the tier sets did. With that said, I don't necessarily think it's great to lock 4 item slots of your gear for tier sets either just because you want the bonus. I kinda like items right now where if you have both items in a 2-set, you get a bonus. But when you need those 4 slots and you have 5 options.. it can make gearing a bit boring.

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    I really enjoyed the visuals of the armor and would be quite okay with a custom armor set visually dropping for each class. My complaint has always been the sets mechanically.

    Usually sets fall into one of three categories:
    1. Bland, simple change such as X does Y more damage
    2. More interesting changes such as X procs Y% more
    3. Spec/rotation changing sets such as the Dragon Soul tank sets or rogue sets with tricks of the trade

    The first one is the large majority of sets, which is rather disappointing. It was just a static dps increase, like more stats, for collecting a set of armor. The second and third options are more preferable since there is an actual difference when equipping that armor set. If Blizzard were to reintroduce them, I'd want them to have some meaningful impact. I'd also want them to not work outside the raid they drop in to remove the impact on PvP and stop the silliness of using last raid's set in the current raid because of its power. I'd also want a larger pool of item slots. It has been really liberating to have all my slots "free" instead of bound to a single item (tho Azerite is still limiting). Going back to 5 slots and a required 4pc would be annoying.

    If I were designing class sets, I'd make it something like and 8 pc set, with a 2 and 3 slot bonus. A 2 slot bonus would be an interesting change like more proc rate while the 3pc would be the spec/rotation changer. The visual of the set could also be purchased by some kind of currency or potentially just the appearance could have a chance to drop off the boss (or you unlock the whole visual when you clear the raid on heroic or something). I'd also probably give each class a weapon as well, because weapons usually stand out on an otherwise uniform class armor set.

    I'm raiding a BM hunter & BrM monk right now, so I'll give an example of both:
    BM Hunter
    2pc: Increases the chance for Wild Call to proc by x% (this is the core of the BM rotation).
    3pc: Each time you cast Cobra Shot, increase the chance for Wild Call to proc by y%. This is reset when Wild Call procs.

    This is interesting because Wild Call resets the cooldown of an ability based on your crit chance. Therefore crit is the top stat for BM Hunters. This set could potentially, if tuned right, rebalance hunter stats and place a much larger importance on Cobra Shot. It would also make it possible to have a 100% uptime on 3 stack Frenzy, which is rather luck based currently and can be a major annoyance when the cards fall poorly.

    BrM Monk
    2pc: Elusive Brawler now requires 2 dodges to reset stacks.
    3pc: Ironskin Brew's effect is now passive and Purifying Brew's cooldown has been increased by x%.

    This is a pretty big game changer for BrM monks. The 2pc is cool because elusive brawler has some great Azerite synergies and would feel really nice. The 3pc basically redefines how brew management works. Usually you have 3 charges of brew and you have to choose between ironskin and purifying. This 3pc removes the choice but makes the management of purifying brew critical.
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