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    Part of the new Year of the Phoenix changes is a returning player experience (if you haven't logged in in 4 months)that rewards a competitive deck for a class of your choice, plus the free Demon Hunter class comes with 30 very viable cards, including legendaries and epics.

    They're also overhauling ranked progression to be immediately rewarding when you rank up, with better rewards, and are implementing duplicate protection across all rarities.

    I'd say now is a good time to return without spending and see how you feel about the changes/additions.
    How do i know for how long i dont play the game?

    I stopped...a long while ago...but cant exactly remember when...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarohk View Post
    Demon Hunter seems really unbalanced.

    Compare it to the lolspellmage package that they are pushing (I would love to play it, but it doesn't seem viable right now, unlike the old spell hunter).

    I hope we don't have to wait a full expansion for balance changes.
    Yeah, the DH is clearly overpowered on a card to card basis. I know cards like Skull of Gul'Dan and others have the Outcast limitation, but even that doesn't seem like its going to make much a difference. They appear to do everything well, and I can't think of any clear weaknesses except maybe that they can run out of resources too soon because of their insane level of card draw.

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