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    need help demo

    what is the most effective way to get imps out enough for tryant should i be stacking more into haste i simmed myself on raidbots i just am having issues spawning imps enough...any tips are welcome

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    My advice: Go to the warlock discord and look at the demonology-faq page. Also check out the icy-veins guide. The discord folks manage that. It will contain the answers you seek. If you still don't get it, then (and only then) go to the demonology discord chat and ask your question there.

    Edit: I stopped playing my Warlock (and WoW) about a year ago, so I can't directly answer your question, but my advice is still sound.
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    Lockonestopshop is also an excellent guide and even as an experienced demolock the guides pointed to here are going to be a much better guide than anything i can attempt here. icyveins and loss may be a little more user friendly to navigate over the discord version but all 3 are great guides
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