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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostpanther View Post
    The whipping was more of a joke. No way that will happen where this took place. It would however, in places where they actually do carry out public whippings.

    And you know the old saying, " Hard to get blood from a turnip. ". But they can always be made to work. Make them paint over the confetti.
    So literal slavery.

    Not really moving yourself forward from the abusive corporal punishment "joke".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polyxo View Post
    Try having a large and intricate, colorful mural be painted onto the building. I've noticed its rare that buildings like that ever get tagged. The tags don't really show up very well, and people like it.
    Graffiti artists usually respect other artists, oddly enough. Sure, doesn't apply to taggers, necessarily, but like you said, it won't show up well against a mural, which defeats the point of tagging. They want a blank canvas with visibility.

    Also, all the people suggesting literal physical abuse over an issue that can be corrected with $5 worth of paint is ridiculous. Get some perspective. Yes, tags are ugly. They also don't take much to get rid of.

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    Promote use of condoms and birth control.

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    In Singapore caning has been proven effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PC2 View Post
    Yeah but personally I'd rather be less like China and their security state and just let people spray over each other's art projects. Assuming nobody gets angry about what is "their turf" or whatever.
    I don't think we get to have much of a say in the matter. Technology and its authoritarian implications are a runaway train at this point.

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