View Poll Results: You have to eliminate 2 original races which would you pick?

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  • Humans

    43 12.65%
  • Orcs

    25 7.35%
  • Nightelves

    54 15.88%
  • Trolls

    53 15.59%
  • Dwarves

    40 11.76%
  • Tauren

    53 15.59%
  • Gnomes

    221 65.00%
  • Undead

    155 45.59%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    I can't believe so many people don't want Undead, if not for them Id have like 3 characters.
    Lots of people dont like the undead, their story, the lore, their former racial leader.

    Lots of people dont like whatever race you list, truth be told.
    Just because I advocate your ability to play and enjoy WoW Classic doesn't mean I think it'll be successful.

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    Undead, because while I do like the forsaken as a race, their lore doesnt fit the horde in WC3 and vanillia, ironically if you had put the night elves in the horde and the undead in alliance the entire story might have been both quite different and much more interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molvonos View Post
    Lots of people dont like the undead, their story, the lore, their former racial leader.

    Lots of people dont like whatever race you list, truth be told.
    They are my go to Race, I love their lore, I wish Sylvanas had stayed the Racial leader and not gone all crazy. But I did support her destroying Teldrassil, I wanted her to basically Purge Kalimdor of the Alliance in general. I want to be the race in the Horde that is kind of the black sheep and there for personal gain rather than the whole Hurr Durr Honouurrr thing.

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    Humans -- Have you ready any topic on this forum? We're not good at this.

    Gnomes -- Gnomercy. Sorry midgets, you're off the island.

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    From a player perspective, gnomes feel like the odd one out.

    But in terms of making sence, I have to agree with nelfs and undead. Both races always were an outcast of sorts, undead from the start and nelf due to recent developments. They both have a reason to leave their factions, both are justified in feeling abandoned and betrayed. No idea what to do with DH on ally side.

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    Gnomes and undead. Easily.

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    Gnomes and gnomes.
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    Gnomes and undead... i never once played that race in my whole wow life.. I just don't know why... I just don't like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    Irrelevant. Bottom line is that at the end of the day, Draenei are aliens that crashed into Azeroth in a spaceship. In Legion they built a ship which literally flew through space to get to Argus (and back again).
    To be exact they didn't fly all the way to Argus. They flew through a portal that was large enough for their ship to pass through. Ala leaving from DS9, going through the wormhole, and landing on a nearby planet two steps (astronomically speaking) on the other side. Sargeras spent 25,000 years hiking across the universe to get to Azeroth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Amadeus View Post

    Ok Suppose that you worked for Blizzard and for a temporary or long period of time they were going to eliminate 2 of the original existing races in wow, however those that already have a character could keep it, but after a specific time, no new characters of that race could be made, which one would you eliminate?

    Night Elves

    All the other races stay the same.
    I'd rather kill off two Allied Races.
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    I wish I could vote for gnomes twice. Gnomes 12 ft under. Will never miss.

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    Gnomes, for no specific reason other than I despise them to oblivion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    when i learned anythin from mmo-c then it is that shit is only bad when the horde does it
    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Baine is like the most unlikeable character you are supposed to like.

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