Apparently the addon author has abandoned this thing and its really nice so I'm gonna try to add Mechagon to it.

Getting the window to load:

First of all, the addon requires the mapID for any zone using the addon, or else the window will not pop up. To acquire the mapID:

1. enter the map you wish to get mapID for.
2. run this macro: /run local mapID = C_Map.GetBestMapForUnit("player"); print(format("You are in %s (%d)", C_Map.GetMapInfo(mapID).name, mapID))

I entered mechagon m+0 by myself and it came up 1490.

Now I open the file named QE-DungeonTips BFA.lua. Down towards the bottom of the file is a table array of accepted mapIDs named "addon.acceptedDungeons ". It looks like each instance can have multiple mapIDs depending on what is going on. So I put the word "kokolums" down here as a keyword to zip down here whenever I need to. Then I added this line:

[1490] = true, -- Operation: Mechagon

And with that, the tips window will now appear in areas with mapID 1490.

Writing Mob Tips:

Tips must be hand-written for every mob. There is a syntax for doing so.

1. open the file named QE-DungeonTips BFA.lua.
2. the first section at the top is a mini-tutorial on how to write tips.
3. In my case, I'm just adding new entries at the bottom of the BfA section (which is easy enough, just search the file for the word "legion". 2nd entry is the bottom of the BfA section). Let's go thru an example.

Example: adding a tips window for the Scrapbone Shaman

1. search wowhead for scrapbone shaman (google: scrapbone shaman wowhead)
2. There will often be multiple entries with the same mob name. There is a version in the dungeon and outside the dungeon.
3. We want to select the version where the description on the page reads: This NPC can be found in Operation: Mechagon.
4. Look at the hyperlink. There is a number in there. Copy down that number. In this case, the number is 150146.
5. That number needs to be defined in the table for the addon to look it up.

[150146] = {{"Important", "Kuggerkug is a shaman too!"}, {"Interrupts", "interrupt grasping hex or else group is rooted for 8 seconds. it is very bad if a bully is also engaged & fires off a shockwave at players rooted by this."},
{"Important", "interrupt stoneskin which is cast on a nearby target. stoneskin reduces damage taken by 75% and makes target immune to crowd control effects."}},
-- scrapbone shaman

Or to break that down:

1. [mob number] = { },
2. [150146] = { },
3. [150146] = {{FLAG,TEXT},{FLAG,TEXT}},
4. [150146] = {{"Important", "some important text here"},{"Interrupts","some text about interrupting stuff here"}},

There many flags like: Important, Interrupts, TANK, HEALER, DAMAGE, PriorityTargets, Advanced, Defensives, DRUID, SHAMAN, MAGE, etc, etc.

And that is all that is needed! Save it, restart wow, and you get this when you click on the scrapbone shaman:

The tricky part will be the hidden spraybots that buffs people. Most people don't even know they exist. I'm thinking I'll need to actually add an image file to show people locations. But for now, I'm going to try to update all the mobs in here.