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    Is this a good game design? Crazy rare items that drive collectors mad. And crazy rare items that might drop for players who dont really care about the game by "accident?"
    What do you think? What would be a good alternative? Or is it alright as it is?
    I don't really think it is. It doesn't really embrace any sense of prestige or achievement like people pretend it does, either.

    I feel like they ought to add some sort of bad luck protection to rare drops, so that you have something tangible to work towards. Yes, somebody could get it in 1-5 tries, still, but at least it would allow for people with less lottery level luck to have something to grasp at, rather than just being as likely to get it the 700th time as they are the first time.

    There'd still be rarity/chance involved, but you would eventually be rewarded for persisting, making it a little more fair and more of an achievement instead of just totally rolling the dice.

    Congratulations to your girlfriend, btw.
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    The fun thing about soundless was how the community handled this rare mob imo. I know I may sound like a wow classic fanboy, but to overcome a somewhat ridiculous game mechanic, the players have come together, created farming communities, started hosting big raid groups whenever they found the mob up etc. For a second it stopped being "me me me". People started to genuinely care to wait for others, to invite as many people as possible, even summon those without pathfinder to the spawn.

    I play with a guild, so I don't really lack social interaction in the game, nor do I crave it in the open world, but farming soundless was probably the most social activity I ever participated in wow (aside from guild events obviously). True, the 8 hour respawn timer coupled with 0,5% drop chance seemed a bit ridiculous at first, but thanks to how the players handled the situation, it was honestly easier to farm than Rustfeather and Spider in Mechagon (though it took me significantly more attempts - 370).

    I do also think that from time to time the game needs something rarer than the 'average' 1% chance mounts. Soundless is a one-off in BfA, now that IEs have been significantly nerfed as far as drop rarity. It's not like every single rare mob that drops a mount uses this design, in that case I would agree that it's a problem.

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    I strongly disagree.

    Rare drops are fine. Rare spawns are fine too. Rare drops off rare spawns are not fine.

    I say this as someone who already got the mount. I would be perfectly happy if they made Soundless spawn every 15 minutes for other people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockybalboa View Post
    I got Sha mount in under 30 tries. Beat that.
    i got galleon first kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by lockybalboa View Post
    I got Sha mount in under 30 tries. Beat that.
    can i beat you with said sha mount instead?

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