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    Fire mage rotation question

    So I have read a few guides, I think i have the opening rotation down but I have a question after that for non combustion dps.

    Is the rotation cast fireball until heating up. Then fireblast and then go fireball into the instant pyro to try for the crit chains?

    Also at sub 30% you just replace fireball with scorch?

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    Also, don't get 3 stacks of fireblast or 2 stacks of rune of power.

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    Yes when you get heating up you wanna cast fireball, fireblast while casting and then instant pyro with the fireball.
    This is not to crit chain, it's because if 2 spells hit sufficiently close to each then if first one crits and 2nd doesn't then you don't lose the heating up.

    The thing with the afomentioned is however that it works because fireball and pyro hit at the same time, but with scorch it would not, so you don't exactly replace fireball with scorch, cause then you lose out on that crit if pyro doesn't crit.
    What you do instead is that you know scorch always crits, so you do scorch > Fireblast > Pyro and then if it doesn't crit you do the same again, but if it crits you just do Scorch > Pyroblast, and then same again depending on pyro crit or not.

    I made a flowchart for this imgur . com /a/4rH44fK

    Hope that cleared up any questions.

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