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    Darksiders Genesis - plot and questions.

    Hello ,

    Im huge fan of DS series i just finished genesis on apocalyptic and played all 3 series bofore.

    Yet in the end of genesis “ spoiler “ we learn that seals were created and 3 were given to demons represented by Samael , 3 to angels represented by abbadon . 7 last is with charred council .

    1. Per my understanding each seal was given to some demon generals so 3? Or all were held by Samael same goes for Angels does abbadon have all 3?

    2. It is mentioned that if the seals is broken that the holder would be summoned to earth.

    So abbadon plotted to break 6 summon all angel might vs demon might and kill leaders unprepared but ultimately failed . The real question is and i cant find the answer , how abbadon obtained all 6 seals in 1st place , if 3 were held by demons?

    3. How did 7th seal endup in the end of darksiders 1? If that seal was a ace in hole for charred council that horsemsn would never by summoned all together?

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    As far as I understood the first Darksiders Abbadon was lured into this final conflict by the demons with him foolishly thinking he an his angles could win that war.
    So he just had to bring his 3 Seals to the table because the opposite side was bringing in their game as well.
    Getting War or other Riders involved into that conflict wasn't intended by either side.

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    but the seals were broken by Ulthane with armageddon blade, so it means Abbadon already had 6 seals , they conspired together with Ulthane and Azrael, to break them bring hell forces on Earth unprepared and kill them , then reforge those 6 seals so they can put blame on Hell to start the war and they kept the 7th seal in safe, because if 7th was broken 4 horseman would arrive and start the apolocalypse.

    So still question lingers, how the hell does abbadon had 6 seals and how he does have the 7th as well? as 7th was held by charred council

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    This might answer some questions for you: https://darksiders.fandom.com/wiki/Seven_Seals

    I haven't gotten around to playing 3 or Genesis, but Darksiders is one of my favorite series.

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    hello thanks i have already read that seven seal article before and nothing new is mentioned there, only what i said above, it was split between haven and hell and not magically ulthane with abbadon posses all of them

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