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    Angry Ungrateful twitch streamer

    I was feeling generous and decided to donate $150 to a streamer I found last month. I wrote a heartfelt message in the donation message. When it popped up on-screen chat went wild and the streamer looked at it said the worse "thanks" and kept chatting. They didn't even say a proper thank you. This streamer isn't huge but kinda small with 8k followers and maybe 30 to 50 viewers a stream. I was kinda irked they barely noticed so we got into an argument. Chat and a mod agreed with me but the other mods timed me out. After my timeout, I said more and was banned. I am seriously upset that I wasted $150 on an ungrateful jerk. Before streaming, the person worked at retail store so $150 has to be a lot for them. I can't believe smallish streamers are ungrateful. I've seen other streamers cry with big donations.

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    This isn't the place to vent about other people or specific streamers. This thread is closed.
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