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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyr View Post
    Obviously like others said it was because she was only written in as a new character for this expansion. but if you need a plausible reason:

    Sending a young woman as a ward to another noble house was often a political move and intended to eventually marry that women into that house. Perhaps the intention was to eventually marry her to Tandred Proudmoore.
    Reverse flip, kultiras left the alliance on bad terms after the 3rd war. Bolivar was possibly the highest ranking figure post 3rd war in the alliance after varian went missing and aunduin was too young to command so she could hae been a political prisoner / politics prevented her return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kansor View Post
    So she was sent away to be kept from the horrors of the Third War. Why was she just left there in Kul Tiras for another ten to fifteen years after it had ended, with her parentage never even revealed? Makes very little sense.
    Or The Eastern Kingdoms were never really a safe haven even after the 3rd war?

    1: Classic
    - Defias Brotherhood, the masons guild who rebuilt Stormwind then promptly betrayed by the nobility was around looking for revenge
    - Bolvar was suspicious of the caretaker of Anduin, who turned out to be Onyxia in the end.

    2: TBC:
    - The Dark Portal was reopened and the danger of a new demonic invasion loomed over the world again. The Blasted Lands being not that far from the Alliance capital..
    - Plus when things look to turn out to be fine, the Lich King's undead forces assault the major cities

    3: WotLK:
    - He was on the front and leading the charge did not go that well for him.

    Maaybe during MoP, but he wasn't around anymore.
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    Maybe she was a child as a result of an affair?

    All I can find about her mother is that the mother "was lost" during the Scourge attack on Lordaeron. So, maybe she's not confirmed dead. I mean, for all we know, the mother is also still alive and Taelia may (presuming) only have the word of letters written to her by Bolvar that she perished to the Scourge. And, as a result, she (and perhaps by extension, Cyrus) may have probably never made an attempt to confirm what Bolvar may have told them.

    I mean, it kind of makes sense considering Bolvar, as the Lich King, didn't seem to use the opportunity with all the control over the Scourge to maybe, y'know, find his wife or anything...

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