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    Would love to do the old blood elf class quests and get the corrupted ashbringer. So yes please.

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    Everyone is welcome is classic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    No, because half the time the new colors are so terrible looking you might as well not use it.

    If people need old items to feel unique and special then they have a problem. Playing a video game in a MMO isn't about looking and feeling special.

    And most recolors are terrible colors picked.

    It was. That's what the Order Hall class gear is without the special effects and most look terrible or have terrible colors utilized. Like the paladin one I think the yellow/gold they used is fugly.

    Again, they just need to bring back the items period. There's no reason to remove them. Would you like it if developers removed stuff from your other games years later so people who played it first is special and unique? For instance if they removed World 2 from one of the Mario games. Do you think people are going to be like "Man I am so special and unique I got to play World 2 and you didn't because of X reason (typically didn't start the game until later)". No. No one is going to do that nor feel like that. In fact people would be upset if they removed something from a game they purchased/played years later and they wanted to replay it again.
    Hey, I'm all for bringing back old items.
    I was more or less looking for the middle ground between the "bring them back nao!" crowd and the "never! I r special!" crowd.
    Even back before Classic servers were announced, I was all for using the "talk to the NPC" method of being able to "revert" zones to their OG design.
    They've implemented that in many places, so why not continue?

    Way back when timewalking was first implemented, I also wanted them to just implement it game-wide.
    Let me scale down to 60, for example, then go run Naxx with a group and get some drops.
    Yeah, it wouldn't be the same, given that classes have been tuned/altered over the years, but it would be close-ish.
    And yeah, the gear would still be level 60, so it wouldn't have practical everyday use, but it would allow mogging to have more options.

    I do honestly think it would be better overall to just open the game and let everything old be accessed in one way or another.
    Let people run old things, collect old things.
    People who got them back in the day still have their memories and experieces, and they've been able to use those items longer.
    That's good enough, in my eyes.

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    My only gripe really is that some appearance are completely gone.
    I don't mind if there's unique colors for people who did it back in the day but it's ridiculous that forexample, the long gloves only exist there.

    The fact that an unique item appearance entirely exists there and is being sold for almost 2 million gold is ridiculous.
    I'd be fine with a recolor so people who bought those gloves don't get screwed over though.

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