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  • Alliance is good and Horde evil

    16 18.60%
  • Horde is good and Alliance evil

    8 9.30%
  • Neither faction should be labelled Good/Evil

    58 67.44%
  • Other /please explain/

    4 4.65%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengrim View Post
    English is not my primary language, I don't always have the right words and expressions...
    Here's a style tip: Overusing ellipses (the ...) make you sound like an angsty teen in text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    more like dumb and dumber.
    Agree with this.
    There is no real argument that the horde has more Assholes but over all the writing of both factions and how they act is at this point only laughable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeltrusDisc View Post
    Maybe it's time to discuss things that actually matter with your friends.
    Or at least not talk about this mind-numbing nonsense, since even you, with whom I agree in that neither side is inherently good or bad, cannot get your thoughts straightened out and are back-tracking for miles.

    And you say, "but then again, I don't really care either..."
    Just, STOP.

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    He's grasping hard to try and insult you as he's running now with his tail between his legs.
    Anything to try and get at you. It's pathetic, really.
    You need to seriously calm down over there bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengrim View Post
    You need to seriously calm down over there bud.

    Stay healthy and safe, my friends. <3

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    Alliance: Lawful Neutral
    Horde: Chaotic Neutral
    Argent Dawn/Crusade: Lawful Good
    The Burning Legion: Lawful Evil
    The Earthen Ring: Chaotic Good
    Old Gods / Void Lords: Chaotic Evil
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    For me, the Horde is utterly and completely evil. Some members are not, of course. But the organization, the society as a whole, is horrible and rotten and built on horrible idea and ideals. That Thrall believed that birthing it again was a great idea still baffles me. Even in thirty years, if someone resurrect Daesh, but with "Honor" won't make it a good organization.

    And the Alliance... it shouldn't be Good. it's built on godd ideas and ideals, but their execution is so lackluster that they are just Boring Good, and they shouldn't be. So I voted other.

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    In general, I would say the primary issues are twofold:
    Inherent incompatibility behind the ideas on which the two factions are supposed to be founded
    The lacking execution of their portrayal, their effects, interactions and results.

    As of now, I would characterise the factions as Lawful Stupid and Chaotic Stupid, with sometimes overreaching into Stupid Stupid and Stupid Evil. The idea behind the factions would result more, if better implemented, into Lawful Good and Chaotic Good, with a wide range of actual member actions in pretty much all directions on the alignment chart. The fact that the execution has resulted in the Horde looking like sheep that follow every mass murdering fanatic the moment that is offered, while the Alliance is utterly ineffectual and absolutely useless in using what it has and doing what it should do, is a reason why the alignments contain so much "Stupid".
    The Horde, being a faction tied together more loosely than the Alliance (on paper, anyway), should be more resilient to a warmonger leading them into a genocidal frenzy, not less, than the Alliance. Alliance, being built - twice, in fact - to defend against external threats, should be far more capable of defending itself than it actually is. They very much aren't, and writing seems like the overall plot going in all directions, while the immediate events being directed by "Screw all stuff, we're doing what looks cool", and not succeeding well even in that.

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    Alliance: Light ... something something

    Horde: Warchief told us to kill punny humans, so we do
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    Alliance are the good guys horde are the villains. Blizzard doesn't have the writing chops to do any kind of shade of gray.

    When they try to make the allience out to be evil it's always laughably bad writing.

    Panda land: you can't shoot orcs swimming towards us!!!
    They haven't surrendered and succumb to demonic influences though...

    Garrosh did nothing wrong!

    Legion : Glenn attacked sylvanas for no reason!!! Wasn't she trying to enslave literal angelic belongings to raise new undead...?

    I honestly dont know how you write a alliance villain at this point... the faction is constantly betrayed so often that I feel I could make a pretty strong cause for genocide and still make it seem like they are in the right...

    I mean the orcs have joined the burning legion what 4 times now if you count wod?

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