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    [WeakAuras Question] Custom progress bar?

    How can I make a custom progress bar?

    I know how to:
    • Make a regular progress bar
    • Set up the "Custom Trigger" and "Custom Untrigger" functions

    I don't know how to:
    • Define how full the bar should be at any point
    • Define what the capacity/max of the bar should be

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    I'm doing this from memory but it should be accurate.

    Both of the things you don't know how to do are done in the Duration section. It's lower than Trigger and Untrigger.

    the contents will look something like this:

       return a,b,1

    Where a is your current progress, b is your maximum progress and 1 is 1. (I think the 1 is like true or something, but I've never set it to anything else personally.)

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    Here's the documentation for the custom duration function

    It has two modes: static and timed. The third return value is true for static or false for timed.

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