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  • I am honestly kind of freaking right now.

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  • I was ok, but becoming concerned.

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  • Meh! Just bored!

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    How are you doing with everything right now, how are you coping?

    I know it's been 3 weeks now since the world has changed, and regardless to where you are, who you are or where you are from, it's had an impact, there is already a Mega Thread about Covid- 19 this is just about everything concerning YOU.

    How are you doing with everything right now?

    Personally I'm doing great, I am worried about my loved ones, especially those who are the most vulnerable, being an introvert I am really rather built for this, but seeing how it effects others is interesting sometimes kind of concerning. Other than that, just kind of bummed about the plans I had about this time and near future being put on hold for a while, but other than that, I am Thankful that everyone I love is safe.

    How are you coping, anything you are doing that is helping you get through, if so what?

    My experience when it comes to coping, fear is the biggest problem right now, because the only time I fear is when I know there is nothing else I can DO, doing something, anything, everything I can helps me process.

    My way of coping is staying in touch with loved ones.

    Playing online games with friends and family, and even playing some board games with my wife

    I will say it's pretty awesome we have technology now that helps us stay in touch.

    What do you miss and what are you looking forward to?

    Honestly retiring although, I guess I am sort of somewhat already retired technically LOL, everything is pretty dead seriously it's fucking weird even when at work, I planned to retire in August and move.

    You know personally I am kind of wondering what the crime rate is right now oddly, I am guessing it's like fucking practically zero, meaning in terms general crime.

    You know I am thinking and praying that when or if this is all over globally if there might not be a Holiday everyone can observe at the end of this.
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    I'm an introvert anyway, little has changed for me. I'm working from home (I work for an essential business, but I'm one of the folks that has a job that can be done from home). Looking forward to Resident Evil 3 on Friday.

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    Not much has changed for us. Other than I have not been inside a store to shop in close to a month. For groceries and other stuff, ether have it delivered or do the order online and do a pick up. Plan on going to a small town today to buy some diesel fuel for the tractor. Mowing will start very soon. I am never bored. Now or before this virus happened. Always something to do here on the homestead.

    Most of the family lives in Indiana and I am not a in person type socialite anyway. We keep in touch by way of the internet.
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    Worried about my mom, other than that, hardly anything about my life has changed in the slightest.

    I'm not a night out on the town type of person, so the closures and stay-at-home orders have had almost no impact on me.

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    I'm coping just fine. My business was deemed essential, so I'm still working. The only thing different is that I would usually go out at least one night one the weekend to socialize. Now I just sit at home and drink alone.

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    long as my job holds i'm fine. I work in IT security for major logistics company so i guess my job is about as safe as any right now....
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    My only worry is the unemployment changes from the stimulus bill going into effect sooner rather than later. If the changes finally go into effect months after this whole thing is over, that's going to be hilariously incompetent. It's my only worry.

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    Not good. I have hypochondria, GAD, and depression. I've had them under control for years, but it's all flaring up. I can't sleep at night because my anxiety is too high. I've already used up all my PTO, but had to call out today because I'm having panic attacks and bouts of crying. I really miss my parents, especially my mom. I usually visit them every weekend, I miss that. My husband has OCD, so he's having flare ups as well. The front of my scalp is thinning due to anxiety induced hair pulling and twirling. I skin pick as well when anxious, so that's another thing that's been increasing. I feel exhausted and wound up at the same time, it's such an uncomfortable feeling.

    TLDR: I am a mess at the moment.

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    My industry relies on planes being in the air, taking people around.


    It's been fun!

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    I'm far more worried for the day after.
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    I am worried about my dad, grandmother and mom. Luckily I live in a special apartment that was originally a daycare center, and then split into 2 apartments where 1 was to serve as a "service quarters" and the other as assisted living accommodations. My dad lives literally next door, so he can go into isolation and I'll still be able to easily check on him and care for him.

    My mom is a bit trickier, but she's got my other 2 sisters should she need to be isolated. My grandmother lives 2 hours away so that old spitfire is almost impossible for me to help should she need it...

    I just want this shit to end... yet I have a feeling it'll get worse before it gets better.
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    Reasonably well. I'm concerned, but I think I'm doing the best I can.

    90% of my work can be done from home, and that's what I've been doing. I've only gone on site when absolutely necessary (something that can't be fixed remotely is broken), and I do that as carefully as I can, sanitizing/spraying the shit out of everything, and so on. Work has been extremely slow anyway because of this.

    Being stuck at home doesn't bother me too much because I have plenty enough to keep me occupied. It helps that most of my hobbies are things I can do at home (gaming, playing guitar, etc). I have had to cancel going to a couple of events that I've been looking forward to attending for the last year, but I accept that.

    I'm more worried about my parents than anyone else. They're both in their 60's, and while my dad is doing well all things considered, he has some health complications that would put him at a disadvantage with something like this. So I'm really hoping they avoid it.
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    Working from home with the wife, still making websites as per the usual. Kinda disappointing I did not get laid off so I could sleep more but at least I can get high all day while I work.
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    It's actually been kind of nice for me. I only ever socialize out of work maybe once every 3-4 months anyway. Now I can do my analyst work from home and I can be in my pajamas all day. Once i am done with work I just have to change the monitor plug ins I can get right into gaming. No need to drive home.

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    I worry for my husband, who still has to go out and work full days.
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    Not bad, considering I'm supposed to be in Seattle (!) waiting for a connecting flight to South Korea (!!) en route to Thailand (!!!).
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    Can still do my job from home. Rather than eating out we order take out from local restaurants. Shops are still open and got plenty to do around the house. In weekends we video call family and friends. Its like a night with friends, just different.

    The situation:
    Gives me opportunity to try n grow a beard
    Diet and exercise daily
    Buy in on some cheap stocks
    Develop a whole different kind of skill set
    Saves me about 20h travel time weekly

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    Unfortunately I actually have bigger worries than coronavirus. Obviously I'm scared of the virus, but I have other health issues that are more pressing right now.

    I don't have the luxury of being freaked out about abnormal daily routines, lowered income or lack of social contacts.

    I do spend quite a lot of time reading the news and chatting about coronavirus, because I find it interesting and it's all over everywhere right now.
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    Hardly anything changed. I go to work, do shopping once a week in the early morning hours when barely anyone is up and I was never much of recreational drunkard anyway, so I'm not impacted by the closure of restaurants and bars at all. I'm slightly annoyed that the canteena at work has closed down for now, but that just means I switched lunch and dinner.

    My biggest concern is the situation at work after all of this is over. Our current contracts are supposed to be upheld and delivered, but the bump will come later when we've worked through our backlog, not to mention this will probably result in short-time work again like in '08. Some suppliers also already mentioned that their warehouses will run dry soon. It's a good way off but you can never know how hard it will hit down the line. I'm also the youngest guy without wife and kids, which means I'm probably the easiest to fire, though one of my collegues has been practically begging to go into early retirement within the next 5 years.
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    Still working. Our place is on lock down, has been for weeks, but I am a little worried about some of my coworkers staying in place when at home. We're almost out of disinfectant that isn't bleach.

    Home life is what it is. I am introverted but never realized how much I enjoyed the option of going out. Lots of video games, watching odd stuff on streaming services. Not so much the stuff I usually watched. Lots of true crime/cryptid, stuff I wouldn't see as 'worth it' during normal circumstances but they are so weird they keep my mind busy.

    I've also been enjoying a lot of musicians keeping people entertained. In the hio-hop/R&B genre at least. Questlove (The Roots and Fallon show) does a long ass DJ set every night. Drops some cool music history into too. Good stuff.

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